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This page lists notable changes for the Project level Change Orders tool in 2016. 

Added A 'Draft Change Order' Column To CSV Export (12/2/2016)

Added a 'Draft Change Order' column to the CSV export of the Commitment Summary and Recycled pages. This column was already included in the Committed Summary table and the PDF export. The issue reported here in the ticket was fixed separately on production.

Now Showing PCO and COR Descriptions In Change Orders PDF (8/24/2016)

Updated the Change Orders tool so that when users group multiple Potential Change Orders (PCOs) or Change Order Requests (CORs) in a Prime Contract Change Order (PCCO), the PCO and COR Descriptions included in the PDF export file.

Change Order Reconciliation Report Deactivated When Change Events Is Enabled (8/10/2016)

Updated the Change Events tool and Reports tools. Now, when the Change Events tool is enabled as a active tab on a project, the system deactivates the Change Order Reconciliation Report in the 'Financial Reports' section of the Project Reports page.

Removed Void Checkbox From PCOs (8/10/2016)

Updated the Change Orders tool and Commitments tool to remove the 'Void' checkbox from the Change Order PCO and Commitments PCO forms. There is now a 'Void' selection in the 'Status' drop-down list for change orders so the checkbox is no longer be needed.

Changed Numbering Behavior Of Change Orders Tool (8/2/2016)

Updated the Change Orders tool to address a numbering behavior when creating change orders. Users will now able to create change orders numbers out of sequence as requested.

Updated Change Orders Tool With New Status And Filters (4/18/2016)

Updated the Change Orders tool to add a Void status and multi-select filters on the top left side of the Prime Contract Change Order log page. The new filters allow users to create customized logs and reports based on Status, Executed, Change Reason and Change Type.