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Below are notable changes to for the Procore + QuickBooks® integration in 2019.

Recent Changes 

Sync QuickBooks® Bill Payments with Payments Issued in the Commitments Tool (5/1/2019)  

Users can now automatically sync bill payments made against synced subcontractor invoices from QuickBooks® to the Payments Issued in Procore's Commitments tool. This eliminates the need for double entry and provides greater transparency about payments to your project team. To learn more, see ERP Integrations: Sync QuickBooks® Bill Payments with Payments Issued in Procore's Commitments Tool.

Edit a Contract Payment Number Synced with QuickBooks® (4/12/2019)  

Updated the Payments Issued tab in the Invoicing tool to provide users with the ability to edit a contract payment's Payment # when the payment originated in Procore or when a QuickBooks® payment is synced with the ERP Integrations tool.  If payments are not synced with QuickBooks®, all fields can be edited.

Procore + QuickBooks®: Availability of Send to ERP Button Based on Subcontractor Invoice Status (4/12/2019)  

When all invoices on a commitment have a status of ApprovedApproved as Noted or Pending Owner Approval the Send to ERP button appears on the subcontractor invoice view page, as well as on the Subcontractor tab of the Project level Invoicing tool. When any invoice is sent to the DraftUnder Review, or Revise and Resubmit status, the Send to ERP button is dimmed and includes a tooltip. At this time, only the Procore + QuickBooks® integration supports exporting subcontractor invoices. See Send Subcontractor Invoices to ERP Integrations for Accounting Acceptance.

New Unlink Button for CCOs Synced with QuickBooks® (3/4/2019) 

When a Commitment Change Order (CCO) in a Procore project is synced with QuickBooks®, a link is created between the records stored in each system. Sometimes, users will inadvertently export a CCO from Procore and then discover that the exported data was incorrect. When this occurs, the link between the systems will first need to be deleted manually using the new Unlink button. Prior to this update, a user with 'Admin' level permission was required to send a email request to reset the CCO then users had to wait for the request to be processed. Now, a user with the appropriate permissions can perform that step on his or her own. See ERP Integrations: Unlink CCOs Synced with QuickBooks®.

QuickBooks® Desktop Edition Canada (2/25/2019)  

ERP Integrations tool users in Canada can now take full advantage of the same ERP-data synchronization with the US Desktop editions. Supported editions are Canada Desktop Edition of QuickBooks® Premier 2018 and 2019. For more information, see About the QuickBooks® Connector.

Rollout of Export Subcontractor Invoices for QuickBooks® is Complete (2/5/2019) 

Procore has completed the rollout of a new feature for the Company level ERP Integrations tool. This feature lets your project users eliminate double-entry and save time by allowing invoices created in Procore's Commitments tool to be exported to your company's integrated QuickBooks® system.  See Export Subcontractor Invoices from Procore to QuickBooks.

New Unlink Button for Commitments Synced with QuickBooks® (2/5/2019) 

When a commitment in a Procore project is synced with QuickBooks®, a link is created between the records stored in each system. Sometimes, users will inadvertently export a commitment from Procore and then discover that the commitment's data as exported was incorrect. When this occurs, the records in both systems will need to be deleted manually and then the correct information must be re-entered in Procore and exported to the integrated ERP system. See Unlink Commitments Synced with QuickBooks®.

Admins Can Now Archive Standard Cost Codes on ERP-Integrated Projects (1/8/2019)   

Updated the Company level Admin tool to give Procore Administrators with the ability to archive Standard Cost Codes in Procore in order to prevent project users from adding those codes to a project. The archive action does not remove Standard Cost Codes from all lists.This update only affects users that have setup the ERP Integrations tool for Procore.