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Below are notable changes to the Procore + Quickbooks integration.

Updated Search Feature In ERP Jobs Tab To Search Procore Project Name And Customer Column (6/29/2017)

The Search feature in the ERP Jobs tab now searches through the Procore Project Name column and the Customer column.

Added Details Button To ERP Integration Tool's Budget Tab (4/18/2017) 

Updated the ERP Integrations tool to add a 'Details' button to the table in the Budget tab. This lets accounting approvers view the Original Budget and Budget Updates before accepting or rejecting the budget for export to the integrated ERP system. See Accept or Reject a Budget for Export to QuickBooks

Changed the Maximum Character Length for Commitment Titles (3/13/2017) 

Updated the ERP Integrations tool to change how the system determines the maximum character length for the 'Title' of a commitment.  See What is the maximum character length of a commitment's 'Title'? for more information. 

Updated Filters For Job Costs Tab In ERP Integrations Tool (1/25/2017) 

Updated ERP Job Cost tab in the ERP Integrations tool so user's can now filter out any cost code category combinations that have no transactions tied to them.

Enabled Convert Bid to Contract For The QuickBooks Integration (1/11/2017)

Updated the ERP Integrations tool for QuickBooks, so that the system can now convert bids into contracts. Note: This capability is not enabled for other ERP Integrations (i.e., Sage 300 CRE, Dexter + Chaney Spectrum).

Improved Performance Of QuickBooks Job Cost Report (1/4/2017)

Updated the ERP Integrations tool for Quickbooks, so that the Job Cost Report no longer pulls all transaction data. Instead of pulling all of the transaction data, the system now filters the report data so that what is being pulled corresponds to the dates during which the Procore project has existed. This eliminates the large amount of unused data being retrieved and also provides significant performance improvements to the report.