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This page lists notable changes for the Procore + QuickBooks integration in 2016. 

Added General Ledger Accounts Subtab For QuickBooks (12/22/2016)

Added a new 'GL Accounts' subtab to the ERP Integrations tool for QuickBooks-integrated companies. This page contains a new 'QuickBoooks GL Accounts' area that shows a green checkmark when data is synced between the two system. It also includes a 'Sync GL Accounts' button that lets users sync the data between the two systems, after data is added in QuickBooks. 

Updated Behavior When Creating Standard Cost Codes In QuickBooks (10/26/3016)

When a Standard Cost Code is created on a QuickBooks-integrated company, a matching Project Cost Code and ERP Cost Code is now also created on all projects that utilize the ERP Standard Cost Code list.

Added Natural Sort On Customer Drop-Down List For QuickBooks Exports (8/17/2016)

When exporting a job to QuickBooks, the end user must select a customer to tie the project to a QuickBooks job. This drop-down list of 'Customers' is now displayed in a natural sort order.

Removed Select Customer Prompt From QuickBooks Job Exports (8/17/2016)

Updated the ERP Integrations tool for QuickBooks-integrated companies to fix an issue where the system was prompting end users to select a 'Customer' when exporting a job to QuickBooks. This was occurring even when the 'QuickBooks customers are jobs?' checkbox was selected in the QuickBooks Microservice.

Updated Column Display On Job Costs Subtab For ERP Integrations (8/12/2016)

When a company is using ERP Integrations with QuickBooks, the Job Cost subtab will now only display pertinent columns: Original Budget, Commitment Invoiced, Job to Date Costs.

Fixed QuickBooks Job Costs Sorting In ERP Integrations Tool (7/25/2016)

Updated the ERP Integrations tool to fix a sorting issue on the Job Costs subtab that was affecting some QuickBooks-integrated companies. The Division groups will now list in the expected sort-order, based on the Division Number and Name. The Cost Code numbers have also been updated to display as expected on individual line items.

Added Ability To Export Expense General Leger Account For Cost Code Export (6/30/2016)

Updated the ERP Integrations tool to add the ability to select an expense General Ledger (GL) Account (e.g., Income or Expense) before exporting cost codes in Procore to QuickBooks. This lets users accurately map accounting transactions in Procore to the correct General Ledger accounts in QuickBooks. See Accept or Reject a Project for Export to QuickBooks.

Procore + QuickBooks Connector Now in Limited Release (6/26/2016)

The Procore + QuickBooks Connector is now in limited release. Procore is excited to launch the QuickBooks Connector and get your company connected as soon as possible. If you are interested how to strategically roll out the QuickBooks Connector, please visit the Procore web site at: Sign Up to Get Connected!