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[DEPRECATED] View the RFI Questions and Responses Report


To run a report showing all of a project's RFIs and any official responses/unofficial replies. 


The RFIs tool lets you run a report that shows all of the unofficial replies and official reponses to your project's RFIs. You can also export this report to the PDF file format. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission:
    • To run a Questions and Responses Report, 'Admin' level permission on the RFIs tool. 
    • To make the 'Question and Responses Report' visible in the sidebar, 'Read Only' or higher on the Project level Reports tool. Note: An alert banner will appear if you do NOT have proper access permission to run the report on the RFIs tool. 


  1. Navigate to the project's RFIs tool.
    This reveals the RFIs page. 
  2. Under RFI Reports, click Questions and Responses Report.
    This opens the Project level Reports tool and revDeals the All RFIs with Questions and Responses page. The report shows all RFIs, any unofficial replies, and the official response (if one has been designated for a listed RFI in the project's RFIs tool). 
  3. If you want to export the report to PDF, choose Export > PDF
    This downloads a PDF version of the report to your web browser's default download location. 
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