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BETA: Granular Permissions

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  • Beta Start Date: 9/8/16

Introducing the 'Granular Permissions' Beta Program

To provide Procore clients with more flexibility for managing Role-Based Permissions (RBP) using the permission templates feature, the 'Granular Permissions' feature is in Beta. For client's who are participating in the Beta Program (see How do I become a Beta Program Participant?), users with 'Admin' level permission to the Company Directory can now add task-specific privileges for roles that have been assigned 'Standard' level permission on the supported tools. 


Prior to the Granular Permissions option, users with 'Standard' level permission could create new folders in the Documents tool, but did not have the ability to rename those folders. If they inadvertently misnamed a folder, they would then have to contact a user with 'Admin' level permission to make the correction for them. With the Granular Permissions option, the privilege to perform the renaming task can now be granted to 'Standard' users via a role-based permission template.

Goals for the Beta Program

The primary goals for this Beta Program are as follows:

  • Deliver and test a solution that provides clients with added flexibility for managing permissions, starting with the supported tools.
  • Empower users with 'Read-Only' and 'Standard' level permission on the supported tools (see Which Procore tools support Granular Permissions?) to perform a limited number of common asks that were previously only available to 'Admin' level users on the supported tools.
  • Eliminate the need for your company's Procore administrators to provide full administrative access to a support tool in order to carry out the common tasks.
  • Integrate the assignment of task-based privileges with the existing role-based permission template feature in Procore's Directory tool. 
  • Validate the proposed solution with Beta Program Participants (i.e., is the solution solving the problem?).
  • Solicit input from Beta Program Participants to improve and refine Procore's approach to managing Granular Permissions.


How do I become a Beta Program Participant?

In order to become a Beta Program Participant, you will need to select one (1) or more projects in your company's Procore account to test the feature. When accepted to the program, a member of the Procore team will enable the Granular Permissions on your company's Procore account. To submit a request to particpate, send an email to: gpbeta@procore.com 

How soon can I get started?

You can begin using Granular Permissions immediately after a Procore team member enables the option on your company's Procore account.

How do I enable Granular Permissions?

You must submit a request to become a Beta Program Participant. See How do I become a Beta Program Participant? above. 

Which Procore tools support Granular Permissions?

You can assign granular task permissions to a new or existing permission template for these Project level tools in Procore. To learn about the tasks associated with these permissions, see Grant Granular Permissions in a Permission Template

Tool Available Granular Permission
Admin Manage Cost Codes
  Manage Active Tabs
Bidding Create Bid Notes
  Edit Bid Notes
  Delete Bid Notes
Commitments Create Purchase Order
  Create Subcontract
  Update Purchase Order
  Update Subcontract
Daily Log Allow Subcontractor Entry
Directory Add from Company Directory (Assignable Permission Templates Only)
  Create and Edit Users (Assignable Permission Templates Only)
  Create and Edit Distribution Groups
  Create and Edit Vendors
  Manage Permission Templates (Assignable Only)
Documents Access Private Folders and Files
  Rename Folders and Files
  Move and Copy Files and Folders
  Set Permissions
  Delete Folders and Files
  See Recycle Bin
Drawings Upload Drawings

Who can use Granular Permissions during the Beta Program?

Access permissions for the beta options are as follows: 

Where do I go for help?

To help Procore track and document issues experienced by Beta Program Participants, please send all questions, comments, and requests to this email address: gpbeta@procore.com. You can also communicate directly with your company's Procore point of contact.


  • Procore will also provide Beta Program Participants with additional contact information for Procore team members and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).
  • Procore will also coordinate regular check-ins with your company over the course of the Beta Program.

What if I no longer want to participate in the Beta Program?

Participation in the beta is optional. It can be discontinued at any time by sending an email to gpbeta@procore.com or by contacting your Procore point of contact. If you want to disable the beta features for a user, change that user's permission template assignment. See Change a Project User's Permission Template

Getting Started

To learn about the tasks you can perform, see the topics below.

Caveats and Constraints

  • Mobile apps (Android & iOS), Procore Drive, and Procore for Windows does NOT support the Granular Permissions. Granular permissions is supported by the Procore web application only. 

Help and Support

To learn how to manage permission templates in Procore, see Manage Permission Templates.  For all other questions or comments, please email: gpbeta@procore.com

Release Notes

Added Granular Permissions Settings for Commitments (1/16/2017)

Users with 'Admin' permission to the Company Directory can now provide 'Read Only' and 'Standard' users with the following task permissions: Create purchase order, create subcontract, update purchase order, and update subcontract.

Added Granular Permissions Settings For Bid List Notes (10/13/2016)

Added Granular Permission settings to create, edit, and/or delete Bid List Notes. Users in the Beta Program can now assign those granular permissions to 'Read Only' and 'Standard' users through a project permission template.

Granular Permissions and Documents Access (8/8/2016)

If a Granular Permissions template has 'Admin' level access, the Documents tool will be admin, but will have custom privileges. This means that they will have the ability to not truly be full admin depending on the granular permission setting. We are working on fixing that, so that in the future, if the template has Directory Admin user, documents will be full admin and users will not be able to adjust granular permissions. When we make this fix, existing customer data will change to reflect this behavior (i.e., their permissions could change).


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