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1 - Submittal Configuration & Importing
Configure Advanced Settings: Submittals
Request a Submittal Import
2 -  Create Packages & Submittals
Create a Submittal Package
Create a Submittal
Add a Related Item to a Submittal Package
Add a Related Item to a Submittal
3 - Edit & Send Submittals for Review
Make a Submittal Private
Edit a Submittal Package
Edit a Submittal
Bulk Edit Submittals
4 - Send Submittals for Review & Distribute to Subs
Send a Submittal Package for Review
Email Forward a Submittal
Distribute a Submittal
5 - Responsible Party & Submittal Revisions
Change the Ball in Court on a Submittal
Reassign a Submittal
Create a Submittal Revision
Redistribute a Submittal
6 - Submittal Logs
Export Submittal Log to PDF/CSV
Only Show Most Current Revisions in the Submittal Log
7 - View, Search & Download Submittal Data
View Submittals
Search and Filter for Submittals
Download All Attachments of a Submittal
8 - Custom Submittal Reports
Create/View a Custom Submittal Report
Edit a Custom Submittal Report
Delete a Custom Submittal Report
Share a Custom Submittal Report
View Notification Log of Shared Submittals Reports
9 - Delete & Retrieve Submittals
Delete a Submittal
Retrieve a Submittal from the Recycle Bin
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