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Photos: Smart Photos Search

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Feature Announced: June 12, 2019  /  Feature Released: July 9, 2019


Introducing Smart Search for Photos

Throughout the course of a project, there can be thousands of photos that will need to be referred to. Generally, you can search for photos in your Procore project by filename, description, location, and trade. In order to easily search for these photos later, it's important that the photos have this information filled out, which is not always practical on the job site.

Procore is introducing "machine learning" technology in the Photos tool that will help to identify and categorize certain items or categories when photos are uploaded, such as framing. This will help detect relevant activities so that you can find and organize data faster and more efficiently. For example, if your team didn't have the time to add a description or location to a batch of framing photos, you can still quickly locate them by searching for the term "framing." 
Note: Categorization of newly uploaded photos may take several minutes.




With this initial release, there will be four categories you can search for:

  • Paper: Locate important paper items such as receipts, paper forms, and notes.
  • Framing: Identify whether the framing stage has been captured visually for progress communication.
  • Aerial: ­Collect and categorize drone photos to communicate with owners and architects.
  • Piping: ­Verify that the piping progress has been captured visually for progress communication, among other uses.

The "smart" aspect of machine learning is that it continuously learns in order to provide the most accurate results. This means you might initially see more or less photos than expected when searching for the terms mentioned above, but search results will continue to become more refined over time. 

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