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[DEPRECATED] Request to Enable Parallel Approval


To submit a request to have Procore enable Parallel Approval as the Submittal Workflow option in Procore and how to complete the required import template before submitting your request.


Parallel Approval is a type of approval process that you can set up for responding to submittals. It provides submitters and approvers with the ability to submit their responses (e.g., Approve, Reject, etc.) concurrently.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • To submit a request to enable this option, 'Admin' level permission to the Project level Submittals tool.
  • Prerequisites to using this configuration:


  1. Ensure that you are a user with 'Admin' level permissions to the Project level Submittals tool. 
  2. Review Things to Consider
  3. Submit a request to your company's Procore point of contact or send an email to
  4. When your request is received, an authorized Procore employee will work with you to enable this configuration setting on your new project. 


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