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[DEPRECATED] How do I disable the Direct Costs tool for the Sage 300 CRE Cost Transactions Beta?


If your project team is participating the Procore + Sage 300 CRE® Cost Transactions beta program (see ERP Integrations for Sage 300 CRE®: Coming Soon! Cost Transactions Beta Program), you will need to ensure that the Project level Direct Costs tool is disabled on all projects that you integrate with Sage 300 CRE®. 




To disable the Direct Cost tool for the Cost Transactions Beta Program, do the following on any projects that will be integrated with Sage 300 CRE®:

  1. Navigate to the Project level Admin tool. 
    The Admin page appears. 
  2. Under Project Settings, click Active Tabs
    This reveals the Active Tools page. 
  3. Scroll to the Construction Financials area.
  4. Remove the checkmark from the Direct Costs box.
  5. Click Update
    This disables the tool from the project and saves your new settings.

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