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[DEPRECATED] Directory: What is the New Directory Tool Experience?

Last Updated: June 25, 2018


In March 2018, Procore updated the Company and Project level Directory tools so that the new Directory experience (which was released and available to all users in 2017 as part of a Beta program), is now Procore's default view. This new user experience was designed to provide Procore users with access to some of the most requested features and performance enhancements. The new Directory layout delivers fast and efficient access to an expanded set of features and benefits. It also includes a new layout that provide users with enhanced capabilities for searching, filtering, sorting, and grouping directory data.

During the Directory tool's Beta Program, all Procore users had the option of switching between the new 'Beta View' and the 'Default View'. Now that the Beta Program is drawing to a close, the 'Beta View' will be made available to users as the 'Default View' (see Switch Between Views in the Company Directory and Switch Between Views in the Project Directory). The existing 'Default View' was made available to users as the 'Legacy View'  for the last few months. The 'Legacy View' will be turned OFF for all users during the week starting on Monday, July 2, 2018. 

Why did we change the Directory Tool experience? 

The Directory tool is often considered to be one the 'backbone' of Procore's user experience, and as the Procore web application and platforms expand, the new experience positions the Directory tool for future scaling and growth in order to best support our user's needs. 

  • To Enhance Performance
    The new experience significantly reduces web page load time for all of our users. It also anticipates and address the future needs of our customer-base, by providing you with a more efficient and robust Directory tool lets you support and organize extremely large numbers of company and contact records. 
  • To Improve Overall Usability 
    The new experience adds much needed flexibility to filtering, sorting, and grouping data. Expanded search capabilities also make finding the exact you need quicker and easier. 
  • To Increase Content Visibility and Speed Up Your Access to Your Data
    The new tabbed navigation significantly increases users access to content.  functions and features available were not well known among users in the previous experience. As the Directory tool grew, space limitations of the original design kept new features and functions relatively 'hidden' from view.

Useful Tabbed Navigation Improves Access to Directory Content

The first thing you'll notice about the Directory tool is its new navigation. Across the top of the page is a row of tabs that makes it easier for you to find information you are looking for. This provides you with a greater level of access to your content in a limited space and you can easily switch the focus of the list for Users, Companies, Distribution Groups, Inactive Users, and Inactive Companies by clicking each tab at the top of the page.


Show, Hide, and Reorder Columns to Customize How You View Your Data

You can now click the vertical ellipsis (⋮) to show, hide, or reorder the columns in view. You can also change the row height. For step-by-step information, see Customize the Column Display in the Directory Tool.


Extended Search Capabilities Across New Tabs

Search is now available on all of the new tabs and works in conjunction with your selection in the 'Group By' menu. See Search and Filter the Company Directory and Search and Filter the Project Directory for more information.



Granular Filtering Options to Narrow Down Records in View

The new experience provides granular filtering options to narrow the records in view, helping you to better pinpoint the exact record you are searching for. On the Users view, you can filter by Permission Template. On the Companies view you can filter by Cost Codes or Trades. If your company account has enabled the Company level ERP Integrations tool (see ERP Integrations), you will also have the ability to filter the Directory using the cost codes specific to your integrated ERP system (e.g., Sage 100 Contractor, Sage 300 CRE, Spectrum, QuickBooks, or the Viewpoint® Vista™ Integration by Ryvit).


Flexible Sorting Capabilities Enhance Visual Organization

You also have access to more flexible sorting capabilities to enhance how records are organized on each page. An asterisk (*) below indicates the column is only visible and available to users with 'Admin' level permission. 

  • Users. Sort by Name, Company, and Permission Template*.
    Note: In the Company Directory, sort by 'Permission Template (Default)'. In the Project Directory, sort by 'Permission Template (Assigned)'. 
  • Users (when 'Company' is selected in 'Group By' menu). Name and Permission Template*.
  • Companies. Sort by Company Name
  • Distribution Groups. Sort by Name (of distribution group).
  • Inactive Users. Sort by Name.
  • Inactive Companies. Sort by Name.


Expose Permission Template Assignments to Improve Administration

To help users with 'Admin' level permission on the Directory tools, Permission Templates are now visible in the Company and Project level Directory tools. In the Company Directory, the table now shows each user's Permission Template (Default). In the Project Directory, the table now shows each user's Permission Template (Assigned)

Company Directory: Permission Template (Default)


Project Directory: Permission Template (Assigned)


Show Profile Photos & Avatars for Faster Recognition

To improve your ability to recognize users in the system, the Directory tool now shows user profile photos and/or avatars. In Procore, users retain complete control over their profile photo or avatar that appears and can only be managed by the end user. See How do I add an avatar or profile photo to Procore? If no profile photo or avatar is uploaded, Procore will now display the user's initials (i.e., a maximum of two (2) characters). 



Want to Provide Feedback About the New Experience? 

If you want to provide feedback about the new Directory experience or to suggest an idea for a new feature, visit our users forum to Share Customer Feedback for the Directory.

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