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This page lists notable changes for the Procore + Asta Powerproject integration in 2016. 

Expanded Supported File Format For Asta Powerproject Integration (6/15/2016)

Updated the Procore Web application's Schedule tool integration so it now supports the SQLite-based PP files generated by later versions of Asta Powerproject. Prior to this update, the Asta Powerproject integration for the project's Schedule tool only supported text-based Powerproject PP files generated using versions of Asta up to 13.004.

Changed A Selection Option In The Upload Project Schedule Files Drop-Down List (2/24/2016)

Changed the name of the selection option in the Upload Project Schedule Files drop-down list of the Project level Schedule tool to give user's the ability to upload Asta and Easyplan files. The selection option now reads: "MS Project 2010/13/16, Asta, Easyplan." See Integrate an Asta Powerproject Schedule

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