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P11.04 Subcontractor Collaboration and Compliance (PBS)


Procore is designed to be a collaboration between PBS and the subcontractors and as such enabling subcontractors to create EquipmentInspections, ObservationsForms and other tools and issue to PBS for review and approval is key to creating this collaborative approach.

By providing subcontractors with ‘Standard’ permissions on a project to tools within Procore they can create and complete tasks onsite without PBS having to assign or send it to them first.

The Catch – by providing subcontractors with Standard permissions to these tools they will now be able to view any inspection or form created unless it has been marked ‘Private’. By marking it ‘Private’ only the forms or inspection completed by or distributed to that person will appear on their account.

Guidance Material

To assist with environment, health, and safety management obligations of subcontractors, their employees or others at PBS workplaces PBS has developed a EHS contractor compliance Manual which must be read in conjunction with the conditions of contract for the proposed works. 

EHS contractor compliance Manual

Project Documentation

Project EHS Plans