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Emails Tool SOP

ACMECONSTRUCTION_SMALL.pngControl your communications and manage all project-related emails using one centralized email client. Monitor your project emails regardless of the device or software you use to manage your email.

  • Store and search through all project emails and view/filter emails by tags or view. 
  • Create and distribute email messages in Procore and configure the email to automatically capture and store responses in Procore. 
  • Create tags to organize and filter emails and mark messages as Private to limit who can view particular email messages. 
  • Continue to use your email client (e.g. Outlook and Gmail) or send emails in Procore.
  • Automatically capture email messages sent from an email client by added the project-specific Inbound Email Address to the To or CC fields. 

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Emails Tool Step By Step Tutorials and "How To's"


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