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Schedule XL


Importing Excel Spreadsheet and Converting to Revit Schedule: 

  • In Excel: 

    • Set title cell height to 30. All other cell height should be set to 12.75 

    • Set title font to bold Helvetica size 28. All other cells should be set to Helvetica size 10 

    • Ensure that all cell boarders and text are formatted as desired (including text alignment) 

    • Highlight the cell array that you wish to include in the schedule 

    • Under the “Page Layout” tab select “Print Area” > “Set Print Area” 

    • Repeat for all sheets in the workbook 

    • Save the Excel Document (do not close) 

  •  In Revit: 

    • Select the CTC Software tab 

    • Select the Schedule XL tool 

    • In the Schedule Xl window, chose the add option 

    • Click Open on the toolbar and select the desired Excel file 

    • Open the file in Schedule XL 

    • Click on the “Graphics Options” tool and select the Preserve Cell Height and Preserve Cell Width options. Under “Linework”, select the “Cell borders only” option and set line weight to “Wide Lines” in the dropdown menu. 

    • Make sure the checkbox with the option to use the print area on each worksheet is selected. Click OK. 

    • Select the Range checkboxes under the worksheet window to print the defined schedule cell arrays 

    • Click OK in the main Spreadsheet window 

    • Close out of the Schedule XL window 

    • Open the desired schedules sheet in Revit and locate the new schedule in the project browser. Schedule name should be of the format “SXL – [Name]” 

    • Insert schedule as normal 


  • Schedule aesthetics can be modified by changing column widths in the excel file, saving, and clicking the “Update” option in the Schedule XL tool window. 

  • Cell fill and text colors added in the Excel file will transfer over to the Revit schedule. These can be turned off with respective check boxes in the “Graphics Options” tool. 

  • Spreadsheet editor in Schedule XL will edit the Excel spreadsheet file as well. Hide undesired rows and columns in Excel rather than deleting entirely.