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How to Publish to BIM360

How to Publish to BIM360 (And A360 Too!!!)

1.      Collaborate Tab

a.      Publish Settings button

                                                    i.     Select the sheets you want to publish

                                                   ii.     Save and close

2.      Synchronize

3.      Collaborate Tab

a.      Manage Cloud Models button

                                                    i.     Click on current project

                                                   ii.     Click publish latest button

        1.              clipboard_ea937bc7b05cb8b3ba5b3bea249496ffb.png

                                                  iii.     Confirm that you want to publish in the popup dialog

4.      Give yourself a pat on the back. Good job!


Publishing to A360

1.      Login to the BIM360 website

2.      Select the project in the dashboard

1.      clipboard_e9147d2b79c3b294ac15c3a7ee8668574.png

3.      Go to document management

1.      clipboard_ee60576a3bf2f00af1f5adc55179c622c.png

4.      Select the folder the project is stored in

1.      clipboard_e5b5467ece40233b948465e8a8afeba08.png

5.      Click the checkbox on the version you want

6.      Click the … button then download source file

1.      clipboard_ef2583587d87aae2ad73737c785add90b.png

7.      Login to A360

8.      Select the project

9.      If uploading a new version of an existing file click the dropdown arrow then upload new version

1.      clipboard_ed88a815a1f340b8f0bd0f4c6cc32b6a2.png

10.   Select the file then upload

11.   Give yourself a pat on the back. Great Job!