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Engineering General Information

General Info

Bluebeam Colors:

Ryan: Blue

Baylie: Purple

Zach: Orange

Jude: Green

Royce: Cyan

Dan: Green Cyan

Riley: Magenta

Ben: Dark Red Orange


Department Introduction

Welcome to Harvey’s Engineering Department! Harvey’s mission is to lead the construction industry into the future while having a little fun along the way. The Engineering Department facilitates this by removing the inefficiencies that exist between design and construction. We emphasize energy efficient designs, that are both cost effective and installable, and modeled at a high-level of detail such that they can be used for pre-fabrication and installed as designed.

The department primarily consists of two different services. First, we provide engineered construction documents that facilitate the permitting, bidding, and construction process for contractors (both internal and external). Second, we provide internal virtual design and construction services that include fabrication level drawings that are used for prefabrication and installation.


Department Philosophy

Chase Perfection, So We Can Catch Excellence

Harvey’s Engineering Department plays a critical role in the company because we are involved with all the other departments and our work directly affects theirs. Our goal is to eliminate the inefficiencies typically experienced in the construction industry by working to close the gap between design and construction as well as implementing progressive construction techniques that make jobs go faster, with less errors, and provide a better end product for the customer.

Our team members in the field are relying on us to provide them with plans and tools that are clear, easy to use and reduce the amount of effort require in the field. It is up to us to make sure projects are completed in the most efficient and effective manner. We have high standards and are expected to be leaders both in the technical domain and at a project level.

Our overriding objective is constant improvement, a relentless approach to continually embrace new technologies, procedures, and workflows. Teamwork and team spirit are essential, including intolerance of substandard performance. This is referring to 1) one’s recognition of the responsibilities one has to help the team achieve its common goals and 2) the willingness to help others toward the common goals. Our fates are intertwined. One should know that others can be relied upon to help. Every team member has the power to suggest or implement new ideas. Power should lie in the reasoning, not the position of the individual. The best ideas win no matter who they come from.

Money is a byproduct of excellence, not a goal. Our overriding objective is excellence and constant improvement. If we operate consistently with this philosophy, we will be productive, and the company should do well financially. Each person at Harvey’s should act like an owner, responsible for operating in this fashion and for holding others accountable to operate in this manner.