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Respond to an Action Required Email for a Commitment or Commitment Change Order as an Approver (EYA)


To respond an 'Action Required' email message about a Commitment or Change Order (CCO) package when you've been designated as an approver on a Commitment or CCO approval workflow.


When sending a Commitment or CCO out for review, Procore sends an 'Action Required' email to the people designated as an 'Approver' in the workflow. The designated Approver must then review the Commitment or CCO. Then submit a response via action box at the top.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions
    • 'Standard' or 'Admin' on the project's Commitments and Change Orders tools.
  • These instructions are related to a basic approver, such as Lead Developer or COO. 
  • To view instructions on how to set up the workflows visit these tutorials:


  1. Open the "Action Required" message in your email program.
    A message like the one below appears. 

  2. Review the Budget Analysis attachment.
  3. Click View in Procore. Click this link to launch Procore's Commitments/Change Order tool in your web browser and open the submittal package in view mode. Note: If you are NOT logged into Procore, you will be prompted to enter your credentials before you can view the Commitment or CCO.
    • You can also click the View PDF link. Click this link to open a PDF version of the Commitment or CCO.
  4. Click on the Action Required radio button next to your name.


  1. Using the action drop-down, select either Approve or Reject. Click Submit.


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