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Create a Change Order From a Change Event (EYA)

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To create a Change Order from a change event. 


You can create a CCO either before or after the RFQ has been responded to. If you wait until after the RFQ has been responded to, the CCO Schedule of Values will populate with amounts from the RFQ. 

Things to Consider

  • This tutorial is referencing only projects that have Change Events enabled. Multifamily Project Managers have decided not to use Change Events.
  • Required User Permissions: 'Standard' or 'Admin' on the project's Change Events tool and 'Admin' on the project's Commitments tool. 


  1. The Architecture/Engineering/Procurement Lead is required to review the changes against the budget and create a cost comparison.
  2. Create a Change Event (EYA) (You must create a change event before you can create a Commitment Change Order or an RFQ.)
  3. (optional) Create an RFQ (EYA)


  1. Navigate to the project's Change Events tool.
  2. Select one or more change event line items from the log you want to include in the CCO.
    Note: You can select line items across multiple change events. You can also use the Filter drop-down to filter by vendor.
  3. From the Bulk Actions drop-down menu, click Create a Commitment CO
    Note: The Schedule of Values will be created from the change event line items.
  4. Fill out the following information:
    • Sign with DocuSign*: Check this box to use DocuSign to send the Commitment CO for signature digitally.
    • Number: This field automatically populates based on the number of CCOs already created. By default, the number will automatically increment by one. However, you can manually enter a different number, if desired. (Note: If you manually enter a number, the next CCO that's created will automatically increment by one, based upon this specified value.)
    • RevisionThis field displays the CCO's revision number. When a CCO is first created, its revision number is zero. A CCO could have multiple revisions because of feedback from a reviewer/approver. 
    • Title*: This field will automatically populate with the name of the change event, delete and add the title of the Change Order.
    • Status: This is determined by the EYA Custom Workflow.
    • Private: Check this box so only you and users with 'Admin' level access on change orders can view this change order. All CCO's are private by default.
    • Change Reason*: The change reason field will populate with the change reason you selected in the change event; however, you can edit as necessary. 
    • Accounting Method: This field inherits the accounting method that was specified in the Prime Contract (e.g. Amount Based). 
    • Request Received From: Select a user from the project's directory who you are submitting the change order on behalf of. 
    • Description*: This field will automatically populate with the Change Event description. Delete this and enter a more detailed description of the change order. If the change is to a Professional Services Agreement, download this document, edit the text to add details of the change and copy into the description field.
    • Schedule Impact: If known, you can provide an estimate of the number of additional days that would potentially be added to the current project schedule if the CCO were approved.
    • Location: Use the location drop-down menu to select a location the the [item] impacts. Either select from the predefined locations, or Add a Multi-tiered Location to an Item. This location may be as general as the site location at the first tier or as specific as where on the site the contractor will be working at the second tier.
    • Alternate Company Name: This name will be pulled in from what was entered during Commitment creation. Only check this box and enter a new entity name if the Commitment entity is not the same.
    • Attachment: Select and add any relevant back-up documents.
  5. Set up the Workflow. Select the workflow and enter the names of users if different than the project defaults.
  6. Click Create. The Schedule of Values for the CCO will be created from the change event line items. You can click into the Schedule of Values subtab to verify your line items and add more as needed.
  7. For Professional Service Contract Changes: At the top of the page, you will see a workflow action box. Fill out and attach this budget analysis and click Submit.


Commitment Change Order Workflows

A&E CCO Workflow.PNGVertical CCO Workflow.PNGLD CCO Workflow.PNG


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