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Add a Company to the Project Directory (EYA)


To add a company to the project's Directory tool. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions
    • 'Standard' and 'Admin' level permissions on the project's Directory tool.
  • Additional Information:
    • When you add a new company to the Project Directory, that company is also added to the Company level Directory tool. To avoid creating duplicate company entries in the Company Directory, it is recommended that when you enter the Company Name, you wait for the auto-fill feature to display a list of matching entries from the Company Directory. Then select the appropriate match (if one exists).
    • If you want to create company/vendor records in bulk, a user with 'Admin' level permission to the Directory tool can request a vendor import to the Project Directory by contacting your Procore point of contact or sending an email to  
  • Legal Implications of the Directory:
    • The Directory needs to be accurate.  Imagine you are arguing that you sent a “notice” to a subcontractor or designer and you discover it was never received because the email address was incorrectly entered.
    • The Directory is one of the backbones by which permissions are granted.
  • Termination of an EYA Employee or project participant shall be followed up with the removal of them from the Project's Directory.  See Remove a Company from a Project.


  1. Navigate to the project's Directory tool.
  2. Click Add Company.
  3. In the Add a Company to [Project Name] window, start typing the vendor's name in the Company Name field. 
    Note: To avoid creating duplicate company entries in the Company Directory, it is recommended that you select the matching company name from the auto-fill list that appears. This list displays a list of companies that have already exist in the Company Directory. 
  4. Important! If you continue to type the entry, the system will assume that you want to create a new company record.

  5. Choose from one of these options:
    • If you selected a match from the Company Directory, click the Add to Project button. Then skip to the steps under General
    • If you are adding a new company, enter the following required fields:
      • Phone. Enter in the business phone number for that company.
      • Fax. Enter in the business fax number for that company.
      • Address. Enter in the address location of the company.
      • City. Enter the city the company is located in.
      • Country/State. Select from the drop-down the country and state the company is located in.
      • ZIP. Enter the zip code for the company's address.
    • Click the Create button.
      This adds the information to the Project Directory. 


  1. In the General subtab, change the existing information as needed.


  2. Continue the data entry as follows:

    • Abbreviated Name: If the company has an abbreviated name that they use, enter that abbreviated name here.

    • Email Address: Enter in the company's email address.

    • Website: Enter in the company's website.

    • Primary Contact: Select a Primary Contact from the drop-down for this company. The primary contact should be the main point of communication for the company. This drop-down will be populated with names once you have added people to the company. For more information, see Add a Person to the Company Directory

      add a company to the project level directory.png

    • Project Roles: This is not an EYA requirement.

    • Tag/Keywords: Enter any tags or keywords associated with the company.

    • Active: Check this box if this company is currently active in a project.

    • License Number: Enter in the company's license number.

    • Logo: Upload the company's logo.

    • Labor Union: Enter the labor union associated with the company.

    • Attachments: Attach any documents associated with the company to keep on hand. 


  1. In the "People" subtab you can view all the people who are working in the current project. You can edit the details for these people by clicking the Edit button next to their name.
    (Note: You will also see a list of the people in the company who are not listed on the current project. You can add those people in to the project by clicking the Add button next to their name.)

    add people to a company.png

Bidder Info

*This is an EYA required field.


Change History

  • The Change History subtab will reflect any edits that have been made to the company, as well as who made the edits and at what time.

    create a company change history.png

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