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Updating Your Windows 10 App


To manually update your Windows device with the latest Procore for Windows 10 App. 

Things to Consider

  • Window devices will automatically update applications within 24 hours of the applications release. 
  • Internet or online connectivity is required to update the application. 
  • Please ensure you sync offline activity before updating the application. 
  • The application's release history can be viewed by tapping the settings gear icon in the bottom left corner.


  1. Open your Windows Store Application from your Windows device.
  2. If an update for the Procore Windows 10 App is available, it will appear under Downloads and Updates.
    • You can also check for updates by clicking the Check for updates icon. 
  3. Click the download icon to begin downloading the newest version of the app. 
  4. Once the download is complete, open the Procore Windows 10 App from your home screen.