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Download Drawings (Windows)

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To download drawings for offline use on your Windows device.


Procore will automatically download each new drawing to the Drawings tool upon opening the application. Once the drawing is downloaded, you will have access to it even if you do not have access to the internet or a network connection. 

Things to Consider 

  • Required User Permissions: 'Read only' and above permissions on the Drawings tool.
  • You can test which drawings have been downloaded to your device already by putting your device in Airplane Mode, navigating to the Procore application, selecting Drawings from the tool list, and viewing all downloaded drawings. 
  • If another team member marks up a drawing while you are offline, or someone uploads a new version, your device will need to re-download the changes with an internet or network connection in order to view the most current information.
  • Drawings Sync Toggle Button
    • Toggle on to download updates to drawings on a daily basis. These updates will now be available offline.

      sync on.PNG
    • Toggle off to stop receiving updates such as new revisions and markups.
    • Troubleshooting:
      • If updates are not being made, toggle off and then on, and offline drawings will refresh with the newest revisions and markups. If certain drawings are still not refreshing with the newest revisions, click on the drawing and then return to the Drawings page.


  1. Navigate to the project's Drawings tool on your Windows device with a network or internet connection.
  2. When you access the Drawings tool in a project with new drawings, Procore will automatically download those drawings for offline use.