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Add Weather Log Entries (Windows)

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To add an entry to the Weather Log in Procore's app for Windows 10.

Things to Consider 

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Admin' on the project's Daily Log tool.
  • Additional Information:
    • You can create as many observed weather conditions as needed.


  1. Navigate to the Daily Log tool in the Procore app for Windows 10.
  2. Select the date for which you want to create a new entry.
  3. Tap Weather Log.
  4. Tap Edit ().
  5. Tap into the following fields to enter the relevant information:
    • Weather Delay: By default, the 'Weather Delay' checkbox will be unmarked. Tap the checkbox to indicate that there was a weather delay for the selected day.
    • Sky: Add observations of the sky for the day.
    • Temperature: Add the approximate temperature onsite.
    • Average: Add the average temperature observed during the workday.
    • Precipitation: Enter the observed precipitation for the day.
    • Wind: Add the observed wind conditions for the day.
    • Ground / Sea: Select the status of the ground or sea around the project from the menu.
    • Calamity: Enter any comments that may be needed to further describe the entry.
    • Comments: Enter any comments that may be needed to further describe the entry.
    • Attachments: Add a relevant photo by selecting from the following options:
      • Camera: Take a photo with your device’s camera.
      • Procore Photo: Add a photo from an existing album in your project's Photos tool.
      • Picture: Add a photo from your device’s file explorer.
      • File: Add a file from your device's file explorer.
    • Issue: By default, the issue checkbox will be unmarked. Tap the Issue checkbox to indicate if the note is associated with an issue affecting the project.
    • Location: Add a location by tapping No Location. Select a location from the menu and tap Apply to add that location to the entry.
  6. Tap Save (2018-09-05_09-30-29.png).