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Procore for Windows 10: Release Notes

Below are notable changes to Procore for Windows 10. Note: Procore for Windows requires a Windows 10 compatible device. For additional System Requirements, visit the Procore page on the Microsoft Store

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Recent Changes

2.16.3 (6/28/2018)
  • Search functionality now searches company and project names.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
2.16.1 (6/5/2018)
  • Performance improvements
2.16.0 (5/19/18)
  • You can now view Freehand Measurement markup in Drawings
  • We've added an easy link for free trial access
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements
2.15.6 (5/3/2018)
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements
2.15.5 (4/25/2018)
  • Under the hood improvements
2.15.4 (4/4/2018)
  • Improved Drawings performance
  • New and updated filters for:
    • RFIs
    • Submittals
    • Punch List
    • Observations
  • Bug fixes and other performance improvements
2.15.3 (3/12/18)
  • You can now edit failed uploads in the uploads page 
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements
2.14.0 (2/16/2018)
  • The Documents Tool is now available.
2.13.0 (2/8/17)
  • You can now export a drawing comparison as an image.
  • You can now open a drawing in your favorite PDF editor by right-clicking on it from the drawings list.
  • Check out our new PDF viewer in specifications which allows searching within the specification.
2.12.0 (1/19/18) 
  • Drawings can now update information in the background while the app is closed. 
  • Printing from the Drawings tool will display published markup and respect filtering.
  • Bug fixes on the Punch List tool.

All Changes

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