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Procore Windows 10 Application

 Important!: Procore for Windows 10 Deprecation

Please note that Procore is no longer providing support for Procore for Windows 10. See Windows 10 App: End of Support for Windows 10 App

As of April 23, 2020, Procore is postponing the Windows 10 app deprecation indefinitely due to recent events with COVID-19. Procore will release additional communication regarding the Windows 10 deprecation at a future date. While you can continue to use the Procore Windows 10 app until that time, we recommend using Procore Web ( for computers and Procore's iOS app or Procore's Android app for mobile devices.

The Power of Procore in the Palm of Your Hand 

Access project information from any Windows 10 device, including the Microsoft Surface, plan tables, desktop computers, and your laptop. View and mark up drawings, take photos, view your directory, reference project submittals, RFIs, punch list, and more.

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