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About Procore Sync

The Procore Sync application will be discontinued on September 30, 2022, after which you will no longer be able to use this application. We will continue to support the application until that date. For additional information, please refer to Procore Sync: End of Support for the Procore Sync Application or reach out to your Procore point of contact for more information.


Procore Sync is an application for Windows computers that makes it easier to access and manage files in your Procore projects' Documents tool. After setting up one or more projects with Procore Sync, a 'Procore' folder is installed in your computer's File Explorer. Each synced project appears as its own folder and contains the same files and folders that exist in the project's Documents tool. Any changes made, such as updates to files or the addition of new folders, will automatically be synced with the Documents tool in the Procore web application.

Key Benefits

  • Fast uploads and downloads
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Create folders and sub-folders from your computer's File Explorer to centralize your project's document storage


  • Procore Sync is only supported on Windows 7 or newer computers. It cannot be used on the Mac OS X operating system or iOS and Android mobile devices.
  • Only users with 'Admin' permissions on the project's Documents tool in Procore are able to use Procore Sync.
Procore Sync requires a stable, high-speed internet connection and should not be used in environments with intermittent or unstable internet connections.

Procore Sync vs. Procore Drive

Key Differences

  • Procore Drive is a desktop application that must be open and running to support file management in Procore Documents tool.
  • Procore Sync runs in the background and embeds itself into a user’s file explorer, requiring no additional user interface.
  • Procore Sync is only used for files in a project's Documents tool. Procore Drive supports a project's Documents, Photos, Schedule, and Email tools.
Task Procore Sync

Procore Drive

Check Out/In a File   icon_checkmark_h17.png
Delete a Folder/File icon_checkmark_h17.png icon_checkmark_h17.png
Download Folders icon_checkmark_h17.png icon_checkmark_h17.png
Download Files icon_checkmark_h17.png icon_checkmark_h17.png
Lock/Unlock a Folder/File   icon_checkmark_h17.png
Open and Save Files icon_checkmark_h17.png icon_checkmark_h17.png
Rename a File icon_checkmark_h17.png icon_checkmark_h17.png
Rename a Folder icon_checkmark_h17.png icon_checkmark_h17.png
Track/Untrack a File   icon_checkmark_h17.png
Upload Files into a Folder icon_checkmark_h17.png icon_checkmark_h17.png
View Files icon_checkmark_h17.png icon_checkmark_h17.png
Add/Edit a Description to a Photo   icon_checkmark_h17.png
Create an Album   icon_checkmark_h17.png
Delete Photos/Albums   icon_checkmark_h17.png
Download Photos/Albums   icon_checkmark_h17.png
Open/View a Photo   icon_checkmark_h17.png
Rename an Album   icon_checkmark_h17.png
Upload Photos to an Album   icon_checkmark_h17.png
Integrate an Asta Powerproject Schedule   icon_checkmark_h17.png
Integrate a Microsoft Project 2013 Schedule   icon_checkmark_h17.png
Integrate a Microsoft Project 2010 Schedule   icon_checkmark_h17.png
Integrate a Primavera P6 Schedule   icon_checkmark_h17.png
Run on a Terminal Server   icon_checkmark_h17.png
Drag and Drop Items icon_checkmark_h17.png icon_checkmark_h17.png
Drag and Drop Microsoft Outlook Attachments   icon_checkmark_h17.png
Is currently supported by Procore icon_checkmark_h17.png icon_checkmark_h17.png