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Release Notes

Below are notable changes to Procore for Windows.

Note: Procore for Windows requires a Windows 10 compatible device. For additional System Requirements, visit the Procore page on the Microsoft Store

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2.9.5 (11/20/2017)
  • RFIs now correctly show Responsible Contractor where appropriate.
  • We fixed a bug preventing you from viewing Photos in Fullscreen.
  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements
2.9.4 (11/10/2017)
  •  Drawing markup filters are here! You can now filter markups added to drawings.
  •  Bug fixes and performance improvements.
2.9.3 (10/25/2017)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some drawings from loading.
2.9.2 (10/19/2017)
  • Updated Drawings:
    • Added the ability to download snapshot from the "Export" button.
    • Look for more humanized times on Drawings tiles telling you the last time your information was updated.
  • Improved notifications for some tools.
  • Bug fixes and improvements.
2.9.1 (9/28/2017)
  • Individual drawings may now be downloaded or printed from the "Export" button when viewing a drawing. 
  • Added the ability to clear cached drawing information from your device in "Settings." 
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements. 
2.9.0 (9/15/2017)
  • The RFI tool now supports RFI manager.
  • A Punch item located on a drawing will now gray out when closed.
  • Look for more human-friendly times on RFIs and Punch List telling you the last time your information was updated.
  • Improvements were made to the Observations tool data caching and performance.
  • You can now drag and drop photo/files into the app as attachments when creating Punch items and RFIs.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
2.8.2 (9/7/2017)
  • Visit the new Help tab to contact Procore Support, submit feedback, and view past release notes.
  • Subcontractor Daily Logs: support for subcontractors to submit pending Daily Log entries for review by superintendents.
  • New markup icons
  • Minor bug fixes
2.8.1 (8/28/2017)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some users from creating a daily log entry.
2.8.0 (8/25/2017)
  • Punch List tool:
    • Improvements with data caching and performance.
  • Drawings:
    • Renamed the Ellipse markup to Oval.
  • You can now edit Manpower and Notes logs.
  • Bug fixes and improvements.
2.7.2 (8/14/2017)
  • You can now refresh RFI data by pulling down on the list.
  • Bug fixes
2.7.1 (8/11/2017)
  • Bug fixes
2.7.0 (8/8/2017)
  • Additional FR-CA translations.
  • The measurement tool on Drawings is now available.
  • Bug fixes and UI improvements.
2.6.0 (7/26/2017)
  • RFI tool:
    • Improvements with data caching and performance.
    • Observations are now viewable offline.
  • Drawings:
    • Punch markups on a drawing may be viewed offline.
  • Small UI improvements and bug fixes throughout the app.
2.5.0 (7/12/2017)
  • UI improvements.
  • The markup flyer menu now adjusts as you zoom in a drawing.
  • You can now view Drawings in a listed view!
2.4.2 (7/11/2017)
  • Additional support for our international clients using different languages throughout the app.
  • Smaller bug fixes and improvements.
2.4.1 (6/23/2017)
  • Drawings in the process of downloading will now continue to download when the app is suspended.
  • Photos Tool:
    • We remember your position in the list and will take you there when clicking back.
  • Bug fixes and UI improvements.
2.4.0 (6/12/2017) 
  • We're better at remembering you now:  
    • On app launch, we now take you to the last project visited  
    • We remember where you first clicked on the drawings list and will now return you to that spot after clicking back, saving you some scrolling. 
  • Daily Log:
    • Need to change the weather? You now can update the Weather Log. 
  • Drawings: 
    • We saw some users with large drawings lists freeze and become unresponsive. We have since thawed out that problem and fixed it. 
    • Its easy to see what is attached to a drawing now. Look for the new button in the drawings menu that shows attachments. Submittals and Observations are not included, yet.
  • Added language support for our French-Canadian friends. 
  • Small polish to the interface app-wide. 
  • Additional bug fixes and improvements.
2.3.5 (5/30/2017)
  • Daily Log:
    • We now display the Weather Log
    • Enhancements to the input fields for Equipment Log
  • Bug fixes
2.3.4 (5/19/2017)
  • Sketches that are images can now be viewed inside of the app on the Drawings tool
  • All sketches attached to drawings are now viewable offline
2.3.3 (5/12/2017)
  • Fixed a possible crash upon app launch.
2.3.2 (5/11/2017)
  • View sketches (PDFs only) attached to markup on drawings within the app.
  • Added icons on drawing thumbnails to indicate attached sketches and/or markups.
  • Bug fixes and improvements 
2.3.1 (5/2/2017)
  • UI improvements for small screens
  • Bug Fixes
  • Drawings:
    • Added a visual indication for the current selected drawing in the Recent Drawings list
    • Improvements with Text markup 
2.3.0 (4/24/2017) 
  • Drawings:
    • Improved the performance of loading drawings
    • Added a button that enables free rotation of drawings
    • View or attach an observation to a drawing
    • View sketches associated with markup
  • Daily Log:
    • Fixed a crash that occurred when a photo was attached to a Manpower Log.
    • Now showing the Equipment log ( the ability to create an Equipment Log is coming soon). 
    • Bug fixes and cosmetic user interface improvements.
2.2.1 (4/11/2017)
  • • Improved the "Drawings Available Offline" button with labels and color to better indicate its position 
  • • Bug fixes on Punch and Daily Log. 
2.2.0 (3/24/2017)
  • Now you can create Manpower Logs
  • Punch items can now be edited
  • A user can now reply to an RFI
  • Camera improvement to indicate when a photo was snapped
  • Drawing Sync progress indicator
  • Bug fixes and UX improvements
2.1.2 (3/20/2017)
  • Small UI update on RFI, Punch, and Daily Log/Site Diary
  • Now showing Submittal distribution list and PDF attachments
  • Procore now supports Single Sign On (SSO) with Third-Party Identity Providers. Integrations with Microsoft Azure and Okta are currently available, with support for additional providers coming in the future. Please work with your system administrator to get SSO-enabled today.
2.1.1 (3/10/2017)
  • User experience improvements
2.1.0 (3/8/2017)
  • An RFI can now be closed and reopened from this app.
  • Editing an RFI sometimes caused issues. Issues are resolved.
  • Directory Contacts were missing business phone extension. Added Business Phone Extension.
  • Fixed an issue if Vendor contacts happened to be imported from an external system, they sometimes failed to display in the Directory.
  • In some tools selecting an item from the list didn't show the details. List selection should work across all tools now.
  • Added some translations for our friends down under (Australia).
  • Disabled the markup toolbar until markup layers fully loaded.
  • Moved all create and edit views into side panel.
 2.0.0 (2/28/2017)
  • All Tools:
    • Updated color scheme for easier reading when outdoors and on smaller screens
  • Punch Log (Defects):
    • Create a new punch item
    • Attach a photo to a punch item from your device library, your camera, or the Procore Photos tool
    • Attach a file to a punch item
    • Updated terms for English (Australia)
  • Drawings:
    • Attach a photo to a drawing from your device library, your camera, or the Procore Photos tool
    • Selections are now easier to use at all zoom levels
    • Drawings can now be rotated by touch and via buttons
    • Quickly view any linked RFI, Submittal, Punch Item, etc in a side panel without losing your place in the current drawing.
  • RFI:
    • Create a new RFI
    • Filter RFIs by draft status
    • Attach a photo or a file to an RFI
    • Edit an existing RFI
  • Daily Log (Site Diary):
    • View existing Notes Logs
    • Add new Notes Logs
    • View existing Manpower Logs
    • Updated terms for English (Australia)
  • Photos:
    • Add timestamp to photos taken through the photos tool
  • Directory:
    • Pressing on an email address opens the default email app
  • Observations:
    • Added online view
1.3.7 (1/18/2017)
  • Improvements to viewing drawings offline
1.3.6 (11/18/2016)
  • Infrastructure updates.
1.3.5 (11/4/2016)
  • There was a rare bug where duplicate companies and projects would appear. That doesn't happen anymore.
  • Submittals now show when and to whom they were submitted
1.3.4 (10/21/2016)
  • Highlighter markup type has been added
  • Sent Date, Due Date and Returned Date have been added to submittals
  • Punch items on drawings now correctly do not allow links to RFIs and Submittals
  • Zoom and position of drawing are now maintained when linking an item to drawing markup
  • If zero or one drawing areas exist, then the entire drawing list is shown
1.3.3 (10/14/2016)
  • Pencil markup type added for all your freeform markup needs. Highlighter coming soon!
  • Drawings now have an info pane that shows the Drawing Name, Drawing #, Area, Revision #, Discipline, and Updated date
  • Back button now correctly loses highlight if tool is selected
  • Drawings now correctly state offline availability in certain cases that didn't before
  • Deleted punch items pinned to a drawing no longer reappear if you pin, delete, and then pin a new punch item
1.3.2 (10/6/2016)
  • Recently Viewed Drawings - quickly navigate to drawings that you've recently viewed without navigating back to the all drawings view.
1.3.1 (9/30/2016)
  • Link an existing RFI to drawing markup
  • Link an existing Submittal to drawing markup
  • Clicking and dragging your mouse on a drawing no longer paginates
1.3.0 (09/23/2016)
  • Drawings:
    • Pin an existing punch item to a drawing.
  • RFIs:
    • View and search existing RFIs.
  • Submittals:
    • View and search existing submittals.
1.2.0 (09/16/2016)
  • Punch List:
    • View and filter existing punch lists.
    • Search by Name, Number, or Assignee.
    • Toggle by status.
  • Directory:
    • Toggle sorting by First Name or Last Name.
1.1.7 (09/09/2016)
  • Drawings:
    • Drawings are now time stamped with the time of their last update. 
    • Improved design of markup detail tool.
    • You are now able to view a photo collection on a drawing.
  • General:
    • "Forgot Password" and "Learn More" links added to log in page. 
1.1.6 (08/26/2016)
  • Drawings:
    • Improved markup layer visibility.
    • Improvements made to cache. 
  • Specifications:
    • When navigating away from a spec section, you will return to the applicable spec division. 
  • General:
    • Menu is now visible when accessing certain tools.
1.1.5 (08/17/2016)
  • Drawings:
    • Bug fix to ensure that all markups show up correctly offline.
1.1.4 (08/15/2016)
  • General:
    • Bug fixes and improvements. 
1.1.3 (08/9/2016)
  • Photos:
    • Fixed a bug that prevented some users from viewing a photo album.
1.1.2 (08/5/2016)
  • Drawings Markup:
    • Search for drawings by sheet number or title.
    • Improved messaging on offline drawings.
  • General:
    • Bug fixes and improvements. 
1.1.1 (08/1/2016)
  • Drawings Markup:
    • Fixed a bug where drawings with an alphanumeric revision number would say not available offline, even when online.
1.10 (08/1/2016)
  • Drawings Markup:
    • View Drawings while offline by selecting which areas you'd like to be able to access offline.
  • Directory:
    • Access project contacts without adding data to your phone's address book.
  • Specifications:
    • View project specifications by spec section.
1.0.0 (07/22/2016)
  • Drawings Markup:
    • Drawings can now be added to your app's cache for offline access by area.
    • Navigate to the next or previous drawing with the swipe or tap of a button.
    • Line, Box, Ellipse, and Arrow markup types now have stroke thickness.
    • Apply opacity percentages to Box and Ellipse markup types.
  • Directory:
    • Contacts can be viewed and searched by name or company.
  • Photos:
    • Save your project memories by saving photos to your device.
0.5.0  (07/8/2016)
  • Specifications:
    • You can now view project specifications on your Windows 10 device
  • Drawing Markup:
    • If you have markup that has a Drawing, RFI, Submittal, or Punch Item attached to it, you can view its details offline once you’ve viewed the drawing.
    • Now you can share your markup to the Public layer.
    • Made a mistake? Now you can edit or delete markup.
    • If you go offline, the markup toolbar and markup manipulation are now disabled.
0.4.0 (07/1/2016)
  • Drawings Markup:
    • Drawing markups are now saved when you resize and/or move.
    • Drawing Markup Toolbar Markup types now available
      • Rectangle & ellipse
      • Cloud
      • Text
      • Color selector
      • Line, arrow and double arrow
  • Photos:
    • Sort albums by newest oldest
  • General:
    • Navigate to project view

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