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Create an RFI (iOS)

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To create an RFI from an iOS device.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission:
    • To create an RFI in the 'Draft' or 'Open' status, a user must have 'Admin' permissions on the project's RFIs tool.
    • To create an RFI in the 'Draft' status, a user must have 'Standard' on the project's RFIs tool.
      Note: To learn about 'Draft' RFIs, see What is a 'Draft' RFI? and Who can view a 'Draft' RFI?
  • Requirements:
    • To save an RFI in the 'Open' status, the following fields are required: Subject, Assigned To, and Question.
      Note: An RFI number (#) is strongly recommended, but not required. See How does Procore assign numbers to RFIs?
  • Additional Information:
    • To provide a user with 'Standard' or 'Read-only' level permissions with the ability to receive email notifications about RFI updates, you must add the user to the RFI's Distribution List, even if that user created the RFI. 
    • After creating an RFI in the 'Open' status, Procore sends an automated email notification to the 'Assignee(s)' and members of the RFI's Distribution list. 
    • An RFI can be assigned to one (1) or more persons:
      • The system designates the assignee(s) as the Ball In Court person.
      • The assignee(s) has several options when responding to the RFI. See Respond to an RFI.
  • Supported Platforms:
    • Procore Web
    • Procore for iOS
    • Procore for Android
    • Procore for Windows


  1. Tap to the RFI tool on an iOS device.
  2. Tap the + icon in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Enter in the following information:
    • Due Date: Select the date by which you require a response from the Assigned To person. By default, created RFIs are due within three (3) calendar 
    • Subject: Provide a descriptive title for the RFI. The RFI's subject is displayed as the RFI's title in the list view.
    • Draft: Mark this checkbox to place the RFI in the 'Draft' status or remove the mark from the checkbox to create an RFI in the 'Open' status.
      (Note: If the 'Standard Users Can Only Create Draft RFIs' configuration setting is enabled on the RFIs tool (see Configure Advanced Settings: RFIs), a 'Standard' user is only permitted to create a draft. The draft must be edited by an 'Admin' user, who removes the mark from the Draft checkbox and clicks Update (only available from the web app). This sends an email notification to the Assigned To person and members of the Distribution list to alert them that an RFI has been created.)
    • Schedule Impact:Specify whether or not you think this RFI might impact the current project schedule. If you know the approximate schedule impact, you can write in the number of days. You may also choose 'Yes (Unknown) ' or 'TBD' and add the schedule impact at a later time.
    • Cost Impact: Choose whether this RFI might impact the project's total cost. If you know the approximate cost impact, you can add an estimated cost. You may also choose 'Yes (Unknown)' or 'TBD' and add the cost impact at a later time.
    • Assignee: Assign responsibility for submitting a response to the RFI question to one project team member. This individual will be listed as the Ball In Court person for the RFI. 
    • Distribution: Add other relevant users to the RFI's distribution list. Each person on the distribution list can respond via email to the RFI regardless of his or her user permissions on the RFIs tab. Only users with 'Admin' or 'Standard' permissions on the RFIs tab can respond within Procore.
      Note: By default, an RFI can only be viewed by the Assigned To person and members of the Distribution list. Procore notifies these users by email when the RFI is created, updated, and when other members submit a response to the RFI. To submit a response to an RFI, members must be granted 'Standard' or 'Admin' level permission to the RFIs tool. 
    • Question: Enter your question and any additional background information that may be needed to properly answer the question.
    • Add Attachment: to add a photo or file, tap to select one of the following options:
      • Choose from Library: This will take you to the photos in your device's library. You can then select an image to add to the log.
      • Take photo: This will open your camera application so you can take a photo and directly add it to the log.
      • Browse: This will take you to saved and downloadable items available on your mobile device.
  4. Tap Save.


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