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Procore for iOS: Release Notes

Below are notable changes to Procore for iOS.

Recent Changes

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10.32 (04/01/2019)
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
10.31 (03/25/2019)
  • New: Near Misses for Incidents can now be created offline.
  • Fixed: We fixed an issue where RFI picker options would occasionally show the wrong users.
10.30 (03/15/2019)
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements. 
10.29.1 (03/14/2019)
  • Fixed: Resolved an issue where users were seeing empty Equipment pickers.
10.29 (03/11/2019)
  • New: Incidents Tool can now be filtered by status and location.
  • New: The activity section in your Punch List details view is now collapsible and expandable.
  • Fixed: We fixed an issue where Inspection Templates would take longer than usual to synchronize with the device.
10.28 (03/01/2019)
  • New: Now you can easily filter your Tasks by status, ownership, due date, creator, assignee, and category. 
10.27 (02/21/2019)
  • New: Timesheets now supports signing a weeks worth of time entires across jobs
  • Fixed: Meeting Item Due Dates can now be edited.
10.26 (02/14/2019)
  • New: Incidents tool now available!
  • New: Improved process for both searching and creating in the Announcement Tool.
  • Fixed: We fixed an issue in the RFI tool where we were showing the Overdue status on the current day.
  • Fixed: While creating in the Forms tool we fixed the issue with the download spinner would never stop spinning. Now user will get either a checkmark or a failure indicator shortly after.
10.25.1 (02/07/2019)
  • Patch Fix: There was an issue with not being able to set the Final Approver field for Punch Items that we have since fixed.

10.25 (02/06/2019)
  • New: Tasks Tool! Support for view, create and update as well as support for comments.
  • Fixed: We now hide duplicate forms that were created in earlier builds.
  • Fixed: Users were unable to see changes when editing Privacy, Name and Description.
  • Fixed: My Time tools display date is now correct across timezones.
  • Fixed: Daily Logs are created with the correct Employee name now.
  • Fixed: In the Announcements tool we corrected alignment of badge notifications and corrected issue with the cursor in the title field.
10.24 (01/30/2019)
  • Timesheets now has an employee weekly view.
  • Fixed: User would see overlapping text in the forms list. 
10.23 (01/23/2019)
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
10.22 (01/17/2019)
  • My Time list and details views have been completely updated!
10.21.1 (01/15/2019)
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
10.21 (01/08/2019)
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
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