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Email Drawings (Android)

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To email drawings to users in the project's Directory on your Android device.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions: 'Standard' and above permissions on the Drawings tool.


  1. Navigate to the project's Drawings tool on your Android device with a network or Internet connection
  2. Tap the Share icon in the top right the screen.

  3. Tap Share.
  4. Enter in the following information.

    • To: Choose from users in the project's Directory tool to send the email to. This email will be sent from you to the email of the user that has been logged in Procore. Any user can be sent a drawing, not just users that have access to the drawings tool.
    • CC: This field is automatically populated with your (the sender's) email. Because the email is sent via Procore instead of your email, you will need to CC yourself to get a copy of the email in your inbox.
    • Bcc: Choose from users in the project's Directory to blind carbon copy on the email. These users will be sent the email, but they will not appear as a recipient of the email when it is sent to the user in the "To" field.
    • Subject: This field is automatically populated with the drawing revision number and title. You are able to edit this as you please.
    • Optional Comments: Add any additional comments that will appear in the email. Note that the drawing's information and a link to the drawing will automatically appear in the email.
  5. Click Send.


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