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Track/Untrack a File in Procore Drive


To track and untrack a file in Procore Drive.


There may be certain files in the Documents tool that you want to actively monitor so that you are notified when a newer revision of a file is uploaded into Procore. In such cases, you should use the tracking feature, which allows you to track any file in Procore. If you are tracking a file, you will receive an email notification when any of the following actions occur: 

  • a new revision is uploaded
  • the file is checked in/out
  • the filename is changed
  • the parent folder's name is changed

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Read-only' or higher permissions on the Documents tool in Procore
  • Additional Information:
    • In Procore Drive, you can only track files, not folders.
    • To select multiple items at once, hold down the SHIFT or CONTROL (CTRL) key on your keyboard while clicking on files.
    • To navigate back to a previous screen, click the "< >" arrows at the top left of Procore Drive.
    • To refresh the tool and​ item you are viewing within Procore Drive, click the refresh button similar to the one in your web browser.


  1. Select the desired company and project in Procore Drive. 
  2. Select the Documents tab.
  3. Expand or collapse folders in your Procore Drive until you see the specific folder or subfolder you wish to track a file from.
    Note: You may navigate through your folders on the right window or the file tree by double clicking folders and files.
  4. In the right hand viewer, double click the file you wish to track. In the file overview window, click Track.
  5. To untrack a file after you have tracked it, click Untrack which replaces the Track button.


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