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(Beta) Create Your Project's Work Breakdown Structure

 In Beta
This page details functionality that is not available in Procore's production environment. Access to the features documented here is limited to specific Procore customers who have signed the required agreement to participate in Procore's Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Beta Program. The content on this page is for informational purposes only. All information and content on this page is subject to change without any prior notice. 


To adjust your company's Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for a Procore project.


After creating a new project in your company's Procore account, you can use the built-in WBS features to define the cost structure for Procore's Project Financials tools. When defining a project's WBS cost structure, you have two choices. If you are unsure which choice to make, contact your company's Procore Administrator for guidance:

  • Apply your Company's Default WBS
    This is the WBS defined by your company's Procore Administrator and you can use it exactly as it was created. 
  • Copy the WBS from Another Project
    This is the WBS defined on one of your existing Procore project templates. Keep in mind that you can create a unique WBS for each project in your company's account. In order to copy the WBS from another source project to your new target project, you must first save the source project as a project template. See Configure a Project Template.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Admin' level permissions on the Project level Admin tool. 
  • Additional Information:
    • The Project level 'Work Breakdown Structure' page is similar to the Company level page. The primary differences are:
  • Limitations:
    • For companies using the erp3 (1).png ERP Integrations tool: Show/Hide  
      • Custom Segments are NOT supported with the ERP Integrations tool.


Do you want to copy the WBS from an existing project to your new project? If so, a Procore user who meets the required user permissions will need to configure the source project as a project template. A source project is the project that contains the WBS you want to copy to your new one. For instructions see, Configure a Project Template. One that step is complete, you'll be able to select the 'Copy the WBS from Another Project' option detailed in the Steps below. 


  1. Navigate to the Project level Admin tool. 
  2. Under 'Project Settings', click the Work Breakdown Structure link. 

  3. Review the information about WBS, Budget Codes, Budget Code Segments in the dialog box sequence. Click Next.
  4. In the 'Create Project WBS dialog box, choose one of these optons:
    • Apply the Company's Default WBS
      Choose this option button if you want the project to use your company's default WBS. Your company's Procore Administrator is responsible for creating this structure. 

    • Copy the WBS from Another Project
      Choose this option button if you want to use an existing project's WBS. Then, start typing a project name and when the match appears, choose it in Select a Project list. 

  5. Click Create.