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Only Show Most Current Revisions in the Submittal Log


To use the filter options in the Submittals log to limit the log display to show only the most current revisions.  


When a submittal gets rejected or revised (and re-submitted), a revision of that submittal is typically re-issued out for review. Since older submittal revisions are no longer as relevant as the most recent revision, you may want to change the view of the submittal log so that only the most recent revision is displayed. In such cases, you will want to use the "Only show most current revisions" checkbox to hide older revisions. It's important to remember that architects and project managers will still have access to view older revisions as necessary to review past comments for context when reviewing a new submittal revision.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions: 'Read-only' level permissions and above on the Submittals tool to hide previous revisions on their own personal submittal log page. The submittal log view is user-specific.
  • By default, revisions that apply to the same submittal log must have a matching Spec Section and Number (e.g. 044400-20).


  1. Navigate to the project's Submittals tool.
    (Note: In the Submittals log, notice that Procore displays all submittals and revisions by default.)

    submittal revisions1.png
  2. From the Add Filter list, select Only Show Most Current Revisions. Then in the list box that appears, select Yes.
    (Note: The default view for the Submittal Log is to show all of the project's submittals in the Open status.)

    only show most current revisions1.png

    The program updates the Submittals log to show only the most recent revisions on the page.
    (Note: If click the View button to review a submittal item, any previous revisions for that submittal can be viewed in the Revision History area.)

    submittal revision history1.png
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