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Email Prime Contract


To email a Prime Contract for review and/or approval.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions: 'Admin' or 'Standard' level permissions on the Prime Contract tab.
  • A project can only have one Prime Contract.
  • The Prime Contract typically represents the agreed upon contract between an owner who is financing the construction project and the general contractor who is being paid to manage the construction project. In the case of Procore, the Prime Contract will typically be the contract between you and your client, which may be a different relationship than owner to general contractor.
  • Users included in the email distribution who do not have 'Admin' level permissions or a minimum of 'Read only' permissions and are listed in the "Make this visible only to Administrators and the following users" dropdown will not be able to access the Prime Contract from the View this Contract and View Online links within the email. Regardless of permissions, those included in the email distribution will be able to view the Prime Contract by clicking the view PDF link in the email.


  1. Go to your project's Prime Contract tab.
  2. Click the Email Contract button in the right sidebar.
  3. Fill out the following fields:

    • To: Select who you want to forward the Prime Contract to. Make sure these users are able to view the Prime Contract (a setting edited when creating the Prime Contract). For more information, see Set up a Prime Contract.
    • CC: Add people you think should be copied on the Prime Contract email.
    • Private: Check this box so that only "Admin" level users can view the Prime Contract. 
      Note: If you have your Prime Contract set to "Private" so only 'Admin' level users can see it, then those included in the email distribution who do not have 'Admin' level permissions will not be able to access the Prime Contract.
    • Subject: This field will auto populate based on the name of the Prime Contract, but you may make any additional changes to the field.
    • Attachments: Attach any related files or documents.
    • Message: Include a message to the recipients. 
  1. Click Send.

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