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Start a New Billing Period and Send Invoice Emails


To start a new billing period to send invoices out for. 


In order to create invoices, you must first create a billing period for the time frame that is being billed for. It is not necessary to send invitations to subcontractors in order for them to submit the invoice. However, the invitation provides a notification and reminder for the subcontractor to help ensure they submit their invoices on time. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Admin' on the project's Commitments tool.
    • Users with 'Standard' level permissions can create the invoice only for the most recent billing period.
      Note: Even if an 'Admin' user created all billing periods for the year, a user with 'Standard' level permission (i.e., typically, the subcontractor) can only create the invoice for the last billing period in the billing period series. 


  1. Navigate to one of the following project-level tools:
    • If you have Admin permissions on the Commitments tool, navigate to the project's Invoicing tool. 
      • Under the Subcontractor sub-tab, click the Create Billing Period button.
    • If you have Standard or Read Only permissions on the Commitments tool, navigate to the project's Commitments tool.
      • Click the Billings sub-tab at the top of the screen.
      • Click the Create Billing Period button.


  1. Select the Manual sub-tab.
  2. Select a From, To, and Due Date for the billing period. To configure these dates to be automatically set up each month, see "Configure Settings: Invoicing" in the See Also section below. 
    Note: The billing date is the due date that the subcontractor needs to create (not submit) the invoice by. If the billing date has passed, the subcontractor cannot submit the invoice, although an Admin-level user can create one on their behalf. If the invoice has been created, and the billing date has passed, the subcontractor can still edit or submit the invoice if the status is in 'Draft' or 'Revise & Resubmit'.
  3. Click Create. Now that you have finished creating your billing period, you can send invites to subcontracting companies for that period.
  4. Select the contracts you want to send invites for. To select all of them, mark the checkbox at the top of the table. If you have not set up the invoice billing distribution, the Invoice Status will be set to "No Billing Recipient" and you will be unable to mark the box to select the company. See "Create Invoice Contacts" in the See Also section below. If the commitment's percentage complete is 100%, an invitation cannot be sent. If the subcontractor needs to create the invoice for release of retention, they do not need an invitation in order to create the retention invoice.
  5. Click Send Invites.
    Once the invitations are issued, the Invoice Status changes from 'Not Invited' to 'Invited' for those commitments. If the invitation is accepted, the status changes to 'Accepted'. If it is rejected, the status changes to 'Declined'.

See Also

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