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Review and Publish Drawings


To review and publish drawings that were uploaded to a project's Drawings tool. 

Things to Consider


Review Drawings

  1. Verify that Procore has read the drawings correctly by selecting the correct number and title from the dropdown menus.
    • If you'd like Procore to evaluate a different drawing to yield more accurate results, click Is the format of this drawing not typical for the set? Click here to try a different one.
  2. Click Confirm and go to review.
  3. On the Pending Drawings page, review each drawing's information to make sure it's correct. Procore fills this information using OCR. Because it's done by a computer, we recommend verifying each field before publishing.
    • Drawing No.: Enter the desired number. This should match what is on the drawing.
    • Drawing Title: Enter the desired name. This should match what is on the drawing.
    • Revision Number: Enter the desired revision number, letter or combination of the two. When you upload a drawing that matches a drawing number already in your Drawings log, it will mark this drawing as the next revision in the sequence. (e.g. if you previously uploaded revision 5 of drawing A2.1, and you're uploading a new revision now, revision 6 will appear in this field.) Procore will automatically increment this value for you so you can simply verify its correct or you can increment it as desired. 
      (Note: Alphanumeric revision numbers are accepted (e.g. Revision Number A1, 1A, or A.1). Set which order is used on the configuration page of drawings. See Configure Advanced Settings: Drawings.)
    • Discipline: Enter the drawing discipline here. This classifies the drawing by the discipline that it represents.   This field is automatically recognized by the letters that appear before the drawing number. You can set which letters designate which disciplines by following the directions here: Configure Default Drawing Disciplines.
  4. Drawing Date and Received Date, select dates from the calendar here. If you previously set the dates as specified in the drawing upload page, Procore uses those dates. You may change them as needed.

  5. If you uploaded more that one drawing, you have these review options:

    • To select all of the drawings, place a check mark in the Select All on Page box. 
    • To select only specific drawing(s), place a check mark next to the desired thumbnail(s). 
    • To delete one or more pending drawings, click the X to the right of each desired drawing.
    • To delete the entire drawing package, navigate to the right pane. At the top of the In Review box, click the X to remove the entire set. 
      (Note: This cannot be undone.)
      • To change the system focus of the image thumbnail, click-and-drag the image to pan it into the desired focus. By default, Procore places focus on the lower right corner of the drawing. 
  6. When all of your drawings are as you want them to be, click Publish or Publish Selected.

View Published Drawings

Once published, drawings are categorized by Discipline in the Current Drawings page by default. This shows the latest revisions of your drawings. Drawings marked obsolete are not listed.

  • If you want to view all drawings, navigate to Filter Drawings By in the right pane. Then select All from the Discipline drop-down list.
  • If you want to view only the drawings in a specific set, select the set name from the Drawing Set list.

You also have a variety of options to manage drawings in Procore. See Manage Drawing Log.

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