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Delete Pending Drawings


To prevent an uploaded drawing from being added to a project's drawing set by deleting/removing it from the drawing review process. 


If you upload a number of drawings at one time, you may not want to publish some of the drawings. For example, when you upload a single PDF of all the drawings, Procore automatically splits up the PDF into single drawing sheets. In such cases, you may only want to add select drawings to a drawing set. In such cases, you may want to delete some of the drawings so they are not published to the drawing set.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission: 'Admin' on the project's Drawings yool.
  • If you delete a pending drawing, it will not be published. However, you can upload again if you want to add it to a drawing set at a later time.


  1. Navigate to the Drawings tool.
  2. Click Click here to review and publish.
  3. When reviewing the pending drawings that have recently been uploaded, you can either delete individual drawings or all remaining pending drawings. 
    Note: You will be prompted to confirm the delete action in a pop-up warning message after a delete icon is clicked.

    delete pending drawings.png
Delete a single drawing
  1. Click an individual drawing's delete icon.
  2. Confirm delete action.
Delete all pending drawings
  1. Click the delete icon next to the drawing set name. See screenshot above.
    Note: Only the remaining pending drawings will be deleted and excluded from the drawing set. Any drawings that were published prior to this icon being clicked will be published to the specified drawing set.
  2. Confirm delete action.


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