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Transfer Documents Between Projects


To transfer files and folders between projects using Procore's Documents tool.


The Document Transfer feature provides the ability for users to send and receive documents from one project to another within your company, as well as other projects in another company.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission: 'Admin' on the project's Documents tool.
  • This feature must be turned on by your Procore point of contact. See Prerequisites below.


  1. Contact your Procore point of contact to create a connection between the two projects which you wish to transfer documents to or from. Procore will need confirmation from representatives of both projects to establish the connection.

Sending Documents

To send a document through the document transfer feature, you must have 'Admin' level permissions on the Documents tool. You can transfer a single file, or a single folder. If you send a folder, all files that are contained within that folder will be transferred. If you send a folder that contains sub folders, all the contents of the sub folders will be transferred, but the folders themselves will not.

To transfer a document or folder, follow these steps:

  1. To transfer a document or folder, navigate to the Documents tool.
  2. Select a file or folder in the left file tree.
  3. If you have Transferring Documents already set up on your account, you will see a Transfer button appear on the action panel on the right hand side of the screen.

    transfer documents.png
  4. You will be prompted to select the project that you wish to send the document(s) to.
  5. On this screen you will also have the option to enter a message. This message will appear with the file when received by the connected project. This message will also be found on the Inbound/Outbound Transfer Logs, and Inbound/Outbound Transfer Reports which will be detailed in this article.

Receiving Documents

When a project receives a document, users will be notified in two ways.

  1. You can set up certain project Admins will get an email notification when your project gets inbound document transfers. You can manage who users are under the 'Email Subscription List' in the 'Configure document settings' section of the Documents tool. See Configure Advanced Settings: Documents for more information on this. 

    document transfer email subscribers.png
  2. If you are an "Admin" level user on your project's Documents tool, you will see a notification when you open the Documents tool like this: 

    acknowledge document transfer.png
  3. To review pending transfers and to select a folder destination, click the 'Review' button on the document transfer acknowledgment notification. This will take you to the document transfer review page where you can see details about the files that have been transferred, as well as select folder destinations for the documents. You will be able to select some, or all of the documents that have been transferred, and then select a destination folder.
    Once you select the document you wish to place into a destination folder you can click the Select Destination Folder. This will bring up your project documents folder structure so that you can select the appropriate destination folder to send the transferred documents.
    Once you have selected a destination folder, click the 'Acknowledge' button. The files/folders will now show up in your document tree.

Reports and Logs

To review transferred document logs or reports, see the following information.

Transfer Logs    

inbound transfer log.png

  • If a document has been sent or received via a document transfer you can see the transfer detail in an Inbound or Outbound Transfer Log. These logs can be found by selecting that particular file in the Documents tool under 'File Details'.
  • If the file was received via document transfer, there will be an Inbound Transfer Log that gives the details of the file transfer (seen above). If the file was sent via a document transfer then there will be an Outbound Transfer Log that gives the details of the file transfer.
  • Any received document transfers that are acknowledged will also show up in the 'New Documents This Week' section of the Documents tool.
Transfer Reports    


  • The transfer details of all documents that are sent or received via document transfer can be found in the Inbound and Outbound Document Transfer Reports.
  • Document 'Admin' users will be able to navigate to these reports by going to the project 'Reports' tab and selecting the Inbound Document Transfer Report or Outbound Document Transfer Report.
  • If someone rejects the documents on the inbound side, those documents will appear in the Rejected Document Transfer Report.


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