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Rename a Folder


To rename a folder in the Documents tool.

Things to Consider

  • To rename a folder, 'Admin' level permission on the project's Documents tool.
  • To rename a folder as a user with 'Standard' or 'Read-only' level permission on the project's Documents tool, the 'Rename Folders and Files' granular permission must be enabled on the permission template associated with your user account on the project. See Grant Granular Permissions in a Permission Template.
    Note: Permission levels are tool-specific. For example, you can have 'Read-only' level permission on the company's Documents tool and 'Admin' level permission on a project's Documents tool. Please keep this in mind when you are looking to perform tasks at different levels.


  1. Navigate to the company's or project's Documents tool.
  2. Navigate to the folder you want to rename in the folder tree.
  3. Right click the folder, and click Rename.
    Click the folder to open the details page, and click the title of the folder.
  4. Edit the folder name as desired.
  5. Click anywhere in Procore to save the title.
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