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View the Daily Log Calendar



To review Daily Log entries using the calendar view. 


The calendar view for the Daily Log tool provides an overview of all entries for a month. You can review entries and complete days directly from this calendar, as well as easily navigate to logs to view, edit, or approve entries.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions
    • To view the calendar, 'Read Only' or higher permissions on the Daily Log tool.
      Note: Users with the 'Collaborator Entry Only' granular permission enabled will not see the Calendar view.
    • To review pending entries or mark a day as complete'Admin' on the Daily Log tool.
  • Additional Information:
    • The Calendar view displays a summary of entries for the day you are viewing. To view all information on a daily log, click View Day to review the log in List view. 
    • The status of each daily log is indicated by the following:
      Note: See the image in the View the Calendar section below.
      • The day you are currently viewing is outlined in blue.
      • Completed days are denoted with a green banner and checkmark green-checkmark.png.
      • Pending entries for a day are denoted with a yellow circle yellow-circle.png.
      • Approved entries for a day are denoted with a gray circle gray-circle.png
      • Days with no data appear as blank calendar days. 


  1. Navigate to your project's Daily Log tool.
  2. Click Calendar.


Click to view steps for a section:

View the Calendar


  1. View the calendar to see which dates have entries added or approved (see image above).
  2. Optional: Click View Day to navigate to the List view for that day.
  3. Optional: Switch between different dates.
    • To view a different day, click a day on the calendar.
      Note: You cannot open future dates.
    • To view the summary for a different day, click the forward or backward arrows in the side panel.
    • To view a different month, click the forward or backward arrows next to the month and year date.
    • To navigate back to today's date, click Today

View Pending Entries

  1. Click on the calendar date you want to view entries for.
  2. If there is a pending entry to review, you will see a banner to review pending entries or view the day.
  3. Choose one of the following actions:
    • Click Review Pending to view all pending entries. Review entries to edit, remove, or approve them:
      • Mark the checkbox(es) next to an entry you want to approve. Then click Approve Entries.
      • Click the 'x' for an entry to delete that entry.
      • Click into an editable field to add or edit information for an entry.
    • Click View Day to view the entire log for that date.
      Note: There will be a Pending Entries banner on the log. Click Review Entries to review all pending entries. 

View Workforce Hours

  1. If entries were added to the Manpower or Daily Construction Report sections, a summary of hours will be shown.


    Note: Pending entries have a yellow colored marker (e.g. All in One Construction in the image above), while approved entries have a gray colored marker.
  2. Click the "Workers | Hours" link next to a pending entry to review or approve entries.
    Note: If an entry does not need to be approved, the "Workers | Hours" link will take you to the entire log.

Complete a Day

You can complete a Daily Log in the Calendar or List view. See Complete a Daily Log.

  1. Click on a day that has not been completed yet.
    Note: There must be at least one approved entry in order to mark the daily log as complete. If you want to approve pending entries, see View Pending Entries.
  2. Click Complete Day to mark the day as complete.
    Note: If you want to view the entire log in the List view first, click View Day.
  3. Click Complete Only to complete the daily log without notifying users.
    Click Complete & Distribute to complete the daily log and distribute an email summary to users on the 'Default Distribution' list. 

View Details of a Completed Day

  1. Click on a completed day.
    Note: Completed days are marked with a green checkmark.
  2. A banner indicates the name of the user who completed the day and the date they marked it as complete. 
  3. Optional: Click Re-Open Day to reopen the day.
    Click View Day to view the entire log for the day.

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