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Create Commitment Subcontractor Schedule of Values


To create a commitment's subcontractor Schedule of Values (SOV). 


In the same way that you can allow subcontractors to create Subcontractor Invoices for your approval, you can also allow subcontractors to enter their detailed schedule of values breakdown here for your approval. With the standard recommended permissions, subcontractors can break down each line item but can not modify the general line items.

The intent of the General Schedule of Values is to have one line item per cost code and cost type in order to create the contract amount and assign a cost code and cost type. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions: 'Admin' level permissions on the project's Commitments tool. The user can also have granular permissions for creating a subcontract or purchase order. See Create a Subcontract or Create a Purchase Order.
  • Subcontractors must have Standard permissions on the Commitments tool in order to enter their detailed SOV.
  • The "Enable Subcontractor SOV" setting in the Advanced Settings tab must be turned on. 
  • If your project is ERP integrated, the detailed Subcontractor SOV line items that you build out next will not sync with your ERP system.  Only the general schedule of values will sync with your ERP system.
  • The status of the subcontractor SOV must be in 'Draft' or 'Revise & Resubmit' for the SOV to be editable or updated by the subcontractor. 
  • The Subcontractor SOV is not available for Unit-Quantity based commitments. See How do I set the accounting method for a commitment or prime contract?.
  • Only the detail line items added on the Subcontractor SOV tab will carry over to the invoice.
  • On the commitment's General tab, you must select the subcontractor in the Private and Invoice Contacts fields before the subcontractor can see the SOV.


Create a Commitment 
  1. Navigate to the Commitments tool.
  2. Click + Create Subcontract or + Create Purchase Order
  3. Fill out the general information for the commitment. See Steps 1-3 of Create a Subcontract and Steps 1-5 of  Create a Purchase Order.
    • Note: On the General tab, you must select the subcontractor in the Private and Invoice Contacts fields before the subcontractor can see the SOV.
  4. Under Schedule of Values, click the click here to add link to add line items. These are the line items that your subcontractor will break down in to more detail on the Subcontractor SOV.
  5. Add all related line items. 
    • Change Event Line Item: If you have change events enabled, you can select a change event line item if the commitment needs to be linked to a change event. 
    • Prime Contract Line Item: If you do not have change events enabled, select the related line item from your Prime Contract. If the item is not accounted for in the Prime Contract, select the "Non Budgeted" option.
    • Sub Jobs: Any sub jobs on the project that you have synced will appear in this drop-down. All cost codes related to the sub jobs will appear in the following field. If your company is using the Procore + ERP Integrations tool, see Which integrated ERP systems support the 'Sub Job' concept.
    • Cost Code: Select the appropriate cost code for the item. (e.g. 02-200 - Earthwork)
    • Description: Enter a brief description about the line item.
    • Cost Type: Select the appropriate item cost type from the drop-down menu. (e.g. Labor or Subcontractor)
    • Tax Code: Select a tax code to use for this line item. This field only appears if you have enabled the tax codes feature. See How can I use tax codes on a project?
    • Amount: Specify the cost of the line item.
  6. Click + Add Line Item to add additional line items, as necessary.
  7. Once you are done adding line items, do one of the following:
    1. To add subcontractor SOV line items on behalf or your subcontractor, click Create and continue to the Subcontractor SOV subtab (see steps below) to fill in the Subcontractor SOV values.
    2. To invite your invoice contacts to create the Subcontractor SOV line items (see Create Invoice Contacts), click Create and Email to send the Invoice Contacts and email notifying them they can add their subcontractor line items to the Subcontractor SOV tab. See Review a Commitment's Subcontractor Schedule of Values.
Add Subcontractor SOV Line Items on Behalf of a Subcontractor
  1. Navigate to the commitment you want to add subcontractor SOV line items to. 
  2. Click the Subcontractor SOV sub tab.
  3. Click Edit
    Note: In order to edit the SOV line items, the commitment cannot have subcontractor invoices. 
  4. Click +Add Line Item to add a detailed breakdown for each line item.
  5. When you are done adding line items, click Submit.
    Note: You are unable to click Submit if the Remaining To Allocate value does not equal zero. The Remaining To Allocate amount shows the difference between the sum of our detail line items and the general schedule of values line item.
    Note: The General sub tab and the Subcontractor SOV sub tab each have their own status field. In order to create subcontractor invoices for that commitment, both tabs must have a status of 'Approved.'
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