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Respond to an RFQ as an RFQ Recipient


To respond to an RFQ with a quote for pricing. 

Things to Consider

  • There are two different types of users who could respond to an RFQ. The subcontractor can respond to the RFQ, or a GC can respond to an RFQ on the behalf of a subcontractor (if they had correspondence with an RFQ recipient outside of Procore). See Respond to an RFQ on Behalf of an RFQ Recipient.
  • Required User Permission: Standard' permissions on the Commitments tool. 
    • Note that you must also be added to the list of people who can view the commitment in the "Private" field of the commitment.


  1. When you are being requested for pricing, you will receive the following email:


    From this email, you may view the following:
    • The project the RFQ is associated with
    • Who requested the quote
    • What the quote is for
    • When the quote is due
    • The origin of the request
    • Any additional documents or information. 
  2. If you have a cost or schedule impact associated with the change, click Yes. (Note: This will take you to Procore's web interface.) If there is no cost or schedule impact, click No.
  3. Log into your Procore account.
  4. After you log in, you will be directed to the RFQ in Procore.
    (Note: If you are not redirected, return to your email and click the URL again.)
  5. At the top of the RFQ, you will see a banner and the following fields to fill out:
    • Quote Amount: Enter in the quoted amount for the change.
    • Schedule Impact: If known, provide an estimate of the number of additional days that would be added to the project schedule due to the change.
    • Comments: Add any additional comments regarding your pricing quote or schedule impact. 
    • Attachments/Details: Attach relevant documents or files.

  6. When you are done, click Post Response.
    (Note: Your response to the RFQ will then be emailed to the person who had requested it, and the response will show up within the RFQ in the RFQ Response section.)

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