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Change Events (Next Gen)

Table of contents
  1. Add a how-to article to your user guide
  2. Add a reference article to your User Guide
  3. Interactive Workflow Diagram
    1. 1-Tier Change Orders
    2. 2-Tier (Prime Contract) Change Orders
    3. 3-Tier (Prime Contract) Change Orders
  4. Create Change Events (Next Gen) and Manage RFQs
  5. Create and Approve Prime Change Orders
  6. Create Commitment Change Orders
  7. Respond to RFQs for Subcontractors in Procore
  8. Change Events (Next Gen)
  9. Job Role
    1. Change Events
    2. Prime Contract
    3. Commitments
  10. In Progress
    1. Add Scope Estimate Lines to a Change Event in Bulk
    2. Add Additional Column Options on Change Events Report
    3. Display Financial Markup on ROM and RFQ Values
    4. Copy Change Events
    5. Configurable Columns
    6. Start with Any Input Field on Change Event Line 
  11. Recently Released 2017
    1. Potential Change Order Custom Fields on Change Events Custom Report
    2. Filter Change Events "Detail" View by RFQ
    3. PDF and CSV Support for Detail, Summary, and RFQ Views
    4. Carry Over Change Event "Title" and "Description" to Change Orders and RFQs
    5. Added the Ability to Retrieve a Deleted Change Event (Recycle Bin)
    6. ROM Source Column Now Available on Configurable Budget
    7. Added Change Event Line Items to an Existing Change Order from Change Event through Bulk Actions
    8. Added Change Events Summary View
    9. Added Change Events Totals on Detail View
    10. Added Search on Detail, Summary and RFQ Views
    11. Added Custom Reports for Change Events
    12. Added the Ability to Add Inline Budget Modifications
    13. New Filter on the Detail View
    14. Included "Vendor" and "Contract" Upon Change Event Creation
    15. Send Request for Quotes (RFQs) Against a Commitment in Any Status (Excludes Void and Terminated Commitments)
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 Change Events (Next Gen)

​​Procore's Project level Change Events (Next Gen) tool is designed to better support real life scenarios that occur on a project to track and manage change to ensure a project stays on time and on budget.

  • Create a change order from one or many change events.
  • See the lifecycle of a change event connected to the budget to track a cost from potential, to actual.
  • Use a single custom report to see the full picture of change management

Visit our Procore YouTube channel to view the full-size version

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