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Configurable Budget Tutorials and FAQs


The configurable budget is the flexible, and customizable version of the budgeting tool. All of the flexibility offered in the configurable budget will become Procore's standard budget experience. As a budget admin, we are giving you the freedom to customize your budget and create a uniform experience for your company.


  • Company Standardization
    • Create and share standardized reporting templates to streamline forecasts and reduce errors
  • Monitor Financial Health
    • Keep a pulse on project budgets and the financial health of the company while identifying and alleviating bottlenecks
  • Confidence in Data
    • With standardized forecast reports and visibility into the most up-to-date cost data, you can trust in the numbers

Below are a list of support articles that cover how to use Procore's configurable budget views.

Company Level Tutorials

Set up a New Budget View


What is the configurable budget?

How do I create a Direct Cost column on a configurable budget for ERP integrated projects?


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