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Import Multi-Level Cost Codes to the Project Admin Tool

IMPORTANT! In order to protect the integrity of your company’s data, Procore Employees are restricted from modifying the data that clients submit in all Procore Import Templates. This restriction applies to all data modifications, including correcting typographical errors. If Procore determines that errors are present in any Procore Import Template that you submit to Procore, it will be returned to you for correction. Please note that the import process may take up to 72 hours to process.



To import multi-level cost codes to the Project level Admin tool.


The Project level Admin tool provides users with 'Admin' level permission with the ability to create multi-level cost code structures that can be used to manage, report, and track budgets associated with a Procore construction project. The cost code structure in Procore supports up to five (5) levels (a.k.a., tiers, levels of detail, codes, and so on). This hierarchical structure provides Procore's clients with a significant amount of flexibility for defining company and project cost code structure(s).

Most Procore customers create a two (2) level cost code structure. To learn how to import custom cost codes with two (2) level, see Import Custom Cost Codes to a Company and Import Custom Cost Codes to a Project.

In Procore, cost codes structures that contain three (3) or more levels are referred to as multi-level. To learn how to import multi-level cost codes, you have these options:

You can also expedite the import process by performing your own cost codes import using the Procore Imports app. See Import Cost Codes into the Project Level Admin Tool (Procore Imports).

Cost Code Structure

Procore customers create varied cost code structures to use for budget and cost accounting. The specific cost code structure that your company chooses to use in Procore will depend upon your company's specific accounting methods, practices, and requirements. Procore's cost code structure supports up to five (5) levels. However, most customers choose a two (2) or three (3) level structure for simplicity. The table below shows some commonly used terminology that corresponds to Procore's supported cost code levels.

Procore (2 Level Template) Procore (3-5 Level Templates) CSI MasterFormat Project Accounting
Division Cost Code Level 1 Division Project
Cost Code Cost Code Level 2 Subdivision Subsidiary
Unused Cost Code Level 3 Section Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
Unused Cost Code Level 4 Subsection Actual Work Activities
Unused Cost Code Level 5 Subsection Labor, Equipment, Material (LEM)

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Admin' level permission on the Project level Admin tool.
  • Cost Code Structure:
    • Procore supports up to five (5) cost code levels.
      Important! In order to support a cost cost structure three (3) or more levels, the Project level Budget tool must also be configured to use the (Multi-Level) Procore Standard Budget view. This is instead of the Procore Standard Budget View.  
  • CSI Master Format:
  • CSV File Requirements:
    • For general formatting considerations, see How do I prepare my data for import into Procore?
    • The XLSX file must be formatted as a table. 
    • The first line of the table must include the header, which defines the fields in the table.
    • The table in cost code import template must contain the following header row:
      • Three (3) LevelCost Code Level 1Cost Code Level 2Cost Code Level 3, and Description.
      • Four (4) LevelCost Code Level 1Cost Code Level 2Cost Code Level 3Cost Code Level 4,  and Description.
      • Five (5) LevelCost Code Level 1Cost Code Level 2Cost Code Level 3Cost Code Level 4,  Cost Code Level 5, and Description.
  • Additional Information:


Complete the following steps in the order below:

  1. Set Up a Multi-Level Budget View
  2. Download a Multi-Level Import Template
  3. Update the Multi-Level Import Template
  4. Request a Multi-Level Cost Code Import
  5. Perform the Multi-Level Cost Code Import
  6. Validate the Multi-Level Cost Code Import

Set Up a Multi-Level Budget View

If you will be using a cost code structure with three (3) or more cost cod levels on one (1) or more projects in your company's Procore account, you'll need to set up a Budget View for those project(s) at the Company level.

  1. Navigate to the Company level Admin tool. 
    This reveals the Company Settings page.
  2. Under Tool Settings, click Budget.
    This reveals the Budget Views page.
  3. Click Set Up New Budget View.
    This reveals the Setup Budget View window. 
  4. Under Standard Views, click (Multi-Level) Procore Standard Budget.
    On the right side of the Set Up New Budget View window, note that each Cost Code Level in Procore has a corresponding Column Name

  5. Click Create
    This creates the new budget view. You can now name, configure, and adjust the columns in your new view as desired.
    Important! If your company has enabled the Company level ERP Integrations tool and if you are planning to use the (Multi-Level) Procore Standard Budget view on projects that will be syncing data with a integrated ERP system, you will also need to update the Direct Cost and Job To Date columns. See How do I create a direct cost column on a configurable budget for ERP-Integrated projects?
    To learn more detailed information about budget views, see these topics:

Download a Multi-Level Import Template

To create cost code structure for use with your company account or a Procore project, you must always download and completely fill out one of Procore's cost code import templates below. NoteProcore's import templates are designed for use with Microsoft Excel. For best results, it is recommended that you only update these templates with Microsoft Excel and avoid using other spreadsheet programs (e.g., Google Sheets, Smartsheets, and so on).

If you are using this multi-level cost cost structure… Download this template…
Cost Code Level 3 import-cost-codes-three-level.xlsx
Cost Code Level 4 import-cost-codes-four-level.xlsx
Cost Code Level 5 import-cost-codes-five-level.xlsx

Note: To obtain the two (2) level import template and instructions, see Import Two-Level Cost Codes to the Company Admin Tool and Import Two-Level Cost Codes to the Project Admin Tool.

Update the Multi-Level Import Template

Request a Multi-Level Cost Code Import

After you update the template, include it in your request. To request a multi-level cost code import for a project, you must have 'Admin' level permission on the Project level Admin tool. 

  1. Send an email to
  2. Attach the completed cost code import template to your email message. 
  3. When your request is received, your Procore point of contact will ask you to ensure:
    • You have defined the number of levels in your company's cost code structure.
    • You have downloaded the appropriate cost code import template. 
      Note: Depending on the number of levels in your company's or project's cost code structure, you will need to download the appropriate cost code import template and follow the appropriate instructions. See Import Cost Codes to Procore.
    • You have updated the cost code import template and your data is prepared and formatted in compliance with the import requirements. 
  4. When the import requirements above are met, your Procore point of contact will perform the import process for you. 

Perform the Multi-Level Cost Code Import

After your request is received, a member of the Procore Imports Team will verify that your completed import template meets the formatting and data requirements. After the import template is accepted for processing, Procore will perform the import for you. This process can take up to 72 hours. You will be notified when the import is complete, so you can validate the imported data. See Validate the Multi-Level Cost Code Import.

Validate the Multi-Level Cost Code Import

  1. Navigate to the company's or project's Admin tool. 
  2. In the right pane, click the Cost Codes link. 
  3. In the page that appears, validate that the imported cost code structure displays as expected. 
    As shown in the illustrations below, cost codes imported at the company level appear in the left side of the page in the Admin tool, while cost codes imported at the project level appear in the right side of the page. 

    Company Level Admin Tool: After a Cost Code Import

    Project Level Admin Tool: After a Cost Code Import

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