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View Company Reports


To view company reports in the Company or Project level Reports tool.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission:
    • To view a report in the Company level Reports tool, 'Admin' on the Company level Reports tool or the report must be shared with you.
    • To view a custom Company Report that has been assigned to a project, you must have:
      • 'Read-only' or higher on the Company level Reports tool.
      • Appropriate permissions for the Project level Report. See View Project Reports


  1. Navigate to the Company level Reports tool. 
  2. Locate the report that you want to view in one of these area:
    • Company Reports
      This area lists any custom Company Reports that have been created at the Company level. See Create a Custom Company Report.
      Note: By default, custom Company Reports are shared with other 'Admin' level users. To share the report with others, see Share a Custom Report.
    • Canned Reports
      This area lists any standard reports that are included with Procore: