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View a Custom Company Report in Tableau®

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Effective November 30, 2020, the Tableau Web Data Connector integration will be deprecated. If your company is currently using the integration, your existing data connections will continue to function until this date. See Integrations: (Coming Soon) Deprecation of Tableau Web Data Connector for more information.


To set up a Procore custom report as a live data source before building new data visualizations with Tableau®


The Tableau® web data connector gives Procore users an easy way to connect your Tableau® software to a secure, live web feed that links the Tableau® workspace to your Procore custom report data. Both the Company level and Project level Reports tools in Procore include a secure link that you can copy in Procore and then add to Tableau® when building dashboards and visualizations in Tableau®.

Integration Map

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission
    • Admin' on the Company level or Project level Reports tool.  
  • Supported Tools:
    • The Tableau connector can only be used with custom reports feature in the Company and Project level Reports tools.
  • Requirements:
    • You must have an active user account with Tableau software. 
  • Additional Information:
    • Each tab within a Procore custom report has a unique and secure Tableau Web Connector URL link. This allows you to connect each tab in the Procore report as a data source in Tableau. For example, if you included the Commitments and Submittals tabs in a Procore custom report, there would be two secure links available for use in Tableau: one for your Commitments data and another for your Submittals data. 


Obtain The Tableau® URL for a Procore Custom Report

  1. In Procore, navigate to the Company level or Project level Reports tool. 
  2. Select the relevant custom report, or complete the steps in Create a Custom Company Report or Create a Custom Project Report to create a new custom report.
    Important: For best results when creating visualizations with Procore data in Tableau, include all of the desired columns of information.
    (Note: If you choose to apply either Group By or Filter By options, those groupings and filters will affect how visualizations are rendered in Tableau.)
  3. When viewing the report, click the Tableau button next to the Export Report As label. 

  4. In Procore to Tableau popup box, copy each secure link.
    (Note: If you included data from multiple tools in your custom report, the report includes the data in a separate tab for each tool.)

Add the Procore Report as the Data Source in Tableau®

  1. Launch the Tableau program.
    (Note: If you don't own a copy of Tableau, visit for information.)
  2. In Tableau, choose File > New
  3. In the Data tab in the left pane, click the Connect to Data link. 

  4. Under Connect in the To a Server area, click More Servers.
  5. Type "web" in the search bar.
  6. Click the Web Data Connector link. 

  7. Paste each URL (i.e. Tableau Web Connector URL​ to Copy) from Procore into the Enter Your Web Data Connector URL Here box. 
  8. Press Enter on your keyboard.

    (Note: The 'Tableau Web Connector URL​ to Copy' address is secure link that instructs Tableau to require you to log into Procore before you can access the data from Tableau.)
  9. At the 'Procore to Tableau WebConnect' page, enter your Procore account information.
    (Note: This is the email and password that you use to log in to your Procore account. Your account must have 'Admin' level permissions to the Company level or Project level Reports tool depending upon which tool you used to build the custom report.)
  10. Click Log In.

    After a successful login, your custom report's live data feed is actively populating the Tableau environment with current data. To learn how to build dashboards and visualizations in Tableau, choose Help > Online Help or visit

Tableau is a registered trademark of Tableau, LLC.


Tableau is a registered trademark of Tableau, LLC.


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