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Configure Advanced Settings: Company Level Documents


To configure the advanced settings for your company's Documents tool.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission: 'Admin' on the company's Documents tool.


  1. Navigate to your company's Documents tool.
  2. From the Documents log page, click the Configure Settings  icon.
  3. See below for details on configuring your project's Documents tool.

Documents Settings

  • Documents and Folders Private by Default: Check this box to have Procore automatically make all future documents you upload and folders you create private by default.


  1. Click the Permissions Table page in the right pane.
  2. Reference each user's permission for the Company level Documents tool according to your preferences.  
    • check.png Access
    • x.png No Access
  3. For a list of what users can do at each permission level in the Company level Documents, see the Permissions Matrix.
  4. In the example screenshot below, the user has 'Standard' level permissions.

    user permissions documents.png
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