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Manage Permission Templates

The new Permissions tool will be soon replacing the 'Permissions Templates' section of the Company level Directory tool. See Manage Permission Templates for the version of this article using the new Permissions tool.


To manage company and project permission templates


In Procore, Role-Based Permissions (RBP) are used to manage user access to different Procore tools. Access for each role is defined in a permission template. By default, Procore provides its clients with several role-based permission templates. For details, see What is a permission template? and What are the default permission templates in Procore?

If your company wants to modify the existing default permission templates in Procore or if you want add and manage your own templates to fit your specific needs, review the topics below.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • To create or edit permission templates:
      •  'Admin' level permissions on the Company level Directory tool.
    • To assign and manage permission templates for project users:
  • Limitations:
    • Permission templates must be added and edited in the Company level Directory tool.

  • Additional Information:
    • Permission levels (e.g., None, Read Only, Standard, Admin) define what information users can edit and see in each Procore tool. 
    • You can also grant granular task permissions for the 'Read Only' and 'Standard' level permission on a limited number of supported Procore tools. See Grant Granular Permissions in a Permission Template.
    • You can create custom reports using data from the Company Directory that include a user's default permission template. See Create a Custom Company Report for more information on how to create a custom report.
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