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Edit a Permission Template in the Company Directory


To edit a permission template in the company's Directory tool. 


In Procore, Role-Based Permissions (RBP) are used to manage user access to different Procore tools. Access for each role is defined in a permission template. By default, Procore provides its clients with several role-based permission templates. For details, see What is a permission template? and What are the default permission templates in Procore?

If your company wants to modify the default permission templates or if you have added a new template to Procore, use the steps below to modify the permissions for each role-based template. 

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  1. Navigate to the company's Directory tool.
    This reveals the Directory page. 
  2. Click Configure Settings .
    This reveals the Company Directory Settings page.
  3. Select the '(Company)' or '(Project)' template from the Permission Templates For list. 
    Note: Some of the (Project) templates in this list may have been created by a user with 'Admin' level permission to the Project Directory. See Create a Project Permission Template from the Project Directory
  4. Locate the desired template in the list. 
  5. Click Edit.
    This places the template into edit mode.
  6. If you want to change the name of the permission template, type over the existing name.
  7. For each Procore tool in the list, place a checkmark in the corresponding column:
    • None. A green checkmark (check.png) indicates users will not have access to the Procore tool. This is the default setting for all tool's (except Project-level Home) on a newly added permission template. A red (x.png) indicates this is not the active permission setting.
    • Read-Only. A green checkmark (check.png) indicates users will have read-only level permission to the project tab. A red (x.png) indicates this is not the active permission setting.
    • Standard. A green checkmark (check.png) indicates users will have standard level permission to the project tab. 
      A red (x.png) indicates this is not the active permission setting.
    • Admin. A green checkmark (check.png) indicates users will have 'Admin' level permission to the project tab.  A red (x.png) indicates this is not the active permission setting.

      Note: You can grant task-based permissions on supported Procore tools (see Which Procore tools support Granular Permissions?). To learn how, see Grant Granular Permissions in a Permission Template
  8. Choose one of these options:
    • Click Update to the right of the template name.
    • Click Update at the bottom of the template. 
  9. If you have sent an invite to one or more users to join the company or project and the user(s) are associated with the template you are modifying, the 'Confirm Permission Updates' notification message appears. This lists all of the users assigned to the permission template. 

  10. Choose from these options:
    • If you want to update the permission template for all of people listed, click Confirm
    • If you want to remove a person's association with the permission template, remove the mark from the checkbox next to their name as shown below. Then click Continue

      This reveals a second message, where you can create a new permission for the user(s) that you removed.

    • Type a name for the new template in the New Template Name box. Then click Confirm.
  11. Click Continue.
    The permission settings for the selected contacts may take a few minutes to update. After the update is complete, the changes go into affect the next time the contact loads a Procore web page. 

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